October 30, 2014

Lawsuit Financial Takes On Plaintiffs Financial Burden

Why does a plaintiff involved in personal injury litigation need pre-settlement funding? Lawsuit cash advances, sometimes called "lawsuit loans", can help serious accident victims who might otherwise have trouble paying medical bills, mortgage payments, car payments, rent, or other living expenses while waiting for their personal injury lawsuit to resolve or a settlement to be determined. A settlement can take years to reach, time insurance companies have but innocent victims do not.

A woman suffered a serious injury in an auto accident with a drunk driver. As a result of the accident, the woman became permanently disabled and unable to return to work. The bank was threatening foreclosure, the utilities were threatening to discontinue service, and she could barely put food on the table. The defendant’s insurance company offered her a $500,000 settlement for her injuries. Desperate for cash, the woman wanted to accept the offer. Her attorney said it was significantly lower than case value and recommended she seek lawsuit funding. After reviewing her case, we offered a series of cash advances until her case settled. She was able to stay in her home, pay the necessary bills, and receive the medical attention she needed. When her case settled, we were repaid from the proceeds of her settlement.

A person pursuing a lawsuit who is desperate for immediate cash is not a positive influence during settlement negotiations. Lawsuit Financial will take on this burden for you and get you the money you need now. We can provide a lawsuit cash advance when you need it most, before you settle your case. A lawsuit cash advance requires no credit check or employment verification and you only pay us if you win your case. Lose your case; you owe us nothing!

There is a better way to get the money you need now so you don't have to settle your case prematurely or for anything less than you deserve. To learn more or to apply for pre-settlement lawsuit funding, complete an online application or call one of the most experienced personal injury finance companies in the country. Call Lawsuit Financial.

October 30, 2014

Don’t Let Your Finances Leave You Paralyzed

Obtaining a fair settlement can take your attorney time (months or even years). With lawsuit funding, you can buy the time you need to achieve the best results. While waiting for your case to settle, a lawsuit cash advance can be utilized to take care of medical or living expenses, and other bills while you are recovering from your injuries.

A Roanoke jury recently awarded the full $20 million sought by a woman paralyzed from the chest down after her Mazda Miata overturned in a freak auto accident. The jury also ordered that interest on the sum be paid from the date of the accident.

In June 2006, the woman was driving on a country road when she was forced to swerve to avoid a largely, deflated plastic swimming pool that went airborne in the darkness. The pool had slipped from the bed of a pickup truck; the truck driver didn’t stop and was never found.

The lawsuit alleged a defect design in the 1995 Miata convertible caused the windshield to collapse after the vehicle flipped and came to a rest on its roof. According to the claim, the canvas top was closed at the time of the accident. When the vehicle landed on its roof, the latch system that was supposed to secure the windshield to the convertible top failed causing the windshield to collapse onto the woman. The paralyzed woman is confined to a wheelchair and requires round-the-clock care for life.

Mazda contends there was no design defect and that the plaintiff presented insufficient evidence to support her allegations. The company contends that in such a serious rollover accident involving a vehicle with a soft top it is unreasonable to assume the convertible would not prevent injuries. An appeal is expected. Assuming the verdict survives post-trial challenges, the total amount of the settlement would be $30 million.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, this woman most likely has been facing financial challenges arising from her permanent disability and requirement of long-term care. And now, a potential appeal could drag the case out even longer. She may benefit from lawsuit funding, a no-risk cash advance against her pending claim.

Lawsuit Financial is a legal finance company specializing in providing litigation cash advances when plaintiffs have nowhere else to turn for financial assistance. This type of funding is not a "lawsuit loan"; credit standing is not an issue, there are no credit checks, and employment history is not a factor. Best of all, the lawsuit cash advance is only repaid if, and when, the case successfully settles. Plaintiffs awarded lawsuit funding pay nothing if they are not awarded a settlement.

Call Lawsuit Financial or visit us online for a free case analysis or to learn more about lawsuit funding. If you qualify for a lawsuit cash advance, you can begin paying bills in as little as 24 hours.

October 28, 2014

When Creditors Call, Let Lawsuit Funding Answer

"Thank you for the lawsuit cash advance. It was a great help with overdue needs and bills that have arisen while out of work due to my accident." ~ Eric G

Often times, plaintiff in a personal injury case must wait months, even years for their case to settle and to receive monetary compensation. No problem if you are as wealthy as the insurance company who is delaying, denying, and defending the claim. Let’s face it, most plaintiffs are not wealthy and serious injuries could mean loss of income. Loss of income means falling behind on personal financial obligations such as mortgage/rent payments, car payments and monthly utility bills. Creditors will not wait until your case settles, so what can you do?

Many personal injury victims end up settling their case too quickly and for less than they could have received simply because they could not wait any longer for justice to be served. Insurance companies know this and force early settlements often at a fraction of the true value of the case. A lawsuit cash advance can provide money and peace of mind until justice is served. It can be the difference between paying the mortgage or facing eviction. Another benefit to lawsuit funding is that it can give a plaintiff and their attorney the time needed for the legal process to run its course and full potential case value realized.

Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance based on case merit and expected outcome. Basically, if a case is approved for funding, there are no payments until a settlement is reached. If the case is lost, there is no obligation to repay the cash advance.

We cannot remove the emotional burden that is caused by a serious personal injury, but we can reduce the financial one. Within 24 hours of receiving your application, we will fax your attorney a request for case information to help our underwriters consider your funding request. If approved, we will prepare the contract for your signature. Upon receipt of the executed contract, we will wire transfer or overnight delivery your cash advance. If you have a personal injury case and immediate financial needs, a call to Lawsuit Financial may be the answer.

October 28, 2014

Lawsuit Funding Helps Devastated Family Cope with Tragedy

The tragic and unexpected death of a loved one is devastating to a family. The sudden loss is hard enough on a family without the added pressure of income loss, additional expenses, past due bills, plus an uncertain financial future, especially if the lost loved one was the sole breadwinner.

A lawsuit dating back to 2008 alleged that the negligence of a construction company led to the death of a 52-year-old employee. According to claim, the man was working at a demolition site when a concrete wall collapsed, crushing him to death. An autopsy revealed that he died from blunt chest and abdominal trauma due to being compressed under the concrete. He left behind a wife and two young children. After six years, the family finally obtained justice. Without the help of lawsuit funding, the wait would not have been possible. The wife of the deceased received over $40,000 in lawsuit cash advances over the life of the wrongful death lawsuit. Sensibly, she received many small advances, “as needed”, until the case resolved for several million dollars. The financial stability provided by the Lawsuit Financial enabled the family to wait for the justice they deserved.

Unfortunately, many lawsuit funding "success stories" are the result of devastating accidents. Lawsuit Financial is a leading provider of legal funding services throughout the U.S. We work with attorney-represented plaintiffs that have filed a lawsuit and seeking emergency cash against a pending claim. A lawsuit cash advance is not a loan; there are no credit checks, no income or employment requirements, no monthly payments and no up-front or out-of-pocket costs. The cash advance is only repaid when the case is won. Best of all, because we provide funding on a non-recourse basis, if the plaintiff loses the case there is no repayment. The most important condition in funding a lawsuit is the merit and strength of the case.

If you have suffered the wrongful death of a loved one as the result of someone else's negligence, you should be fairly compensated. If you are considering lawsuit funding against future compensation from your suit, contact Lawsuit Financial. An application today could mean cash in hand tomorrow

October 27, 2014

Avoid Financial Ruin. Get Lawsuit Funding!

Sustaining injuries in an auto accident is bad enough, but when the wrongdoer's insurance company denies, delays, and defends the claim, an innocent victim will usually experience financial hardship. How will the victim get by especially if unable to return to work, has little savings and unable to received financial support from family or friends? There are two options - settle with the insurance company for less than the case is worth or applying for lawsuit funding.

Insurance companies make money by making you wait. They know the waiting process will often force a plaintiff to accept a lower settlement because the financial pressures are too much. A bank loan is highly unlikely because the bank requires collateral and current employment. However, lawsuit funding is based solely on the merits of the case. A lawsuit cash advance requires no collateral, employment history, or credit check. With a timely and strategic cash advance, plaintiffs can pay the necessary bills - medical, mortgage, car payments, food – while waiting for fair and just compensation.

Applying for lawsuit funding does not require an application fees; if approved, there are no monthly payments. Repayment is only made from the proceeds of the case, but if the case is lost repayment is completely waived.

Accepting a less-than-favorable settlement should not be considered until a plaintiff investigates lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding may be the difference between pursuing justice through a meritorious case or simply walking away and failing to hold the wrongdoer accountable.

If you are a plaintiff seeking lawsuit damages against a company or individual and if the litigation process is wreaking havoc on your financial situation, you may benefit from lawsuit funding. Once you apply, we will talk to your attorney and evaluate your case. If approved, funds will be wired into your account in 24 - 48 hours so you can begin paying bills immediately. Get the fast financial solution; get lawsuit funding!

October 23, 2014

Lawsuit Funding Available for Pedestrian-Auto Accident Victims

Pedestrian-automobile accidents lead to some of the most serious injuries. When a pedestrian is struck by several thousand pounds of metal, even a low-speed collision can lead to serious injuries, even death. Medical bills can be catastrophic. In the event of death, funeral and burial expenses and possibly the loss of income from a sole breadwinner can turn a family upside down. It is imperative to seek legal advice from experienced personal injury attorney who can help victims obtain just compensation for damages. But, how will a family pay the bills while their attorney fights for their rights? A lawsuit funding company can keep cash-strapped plaintiffs financially stable with a lawsuit cash advance until a settlement or verdict is reached.

A lawsuit can take months or years to settle. During this time, many plaintiffs face financial challenges. The insurance company knows this and will make a low offer in hopes that the desperate plaintiff will accept. These offers may sound reasonable but in reality, they are not. The good news is that don’t have to rush into an early settlement; a lawsuit funding company can help plaintiffs wait for the right settlement.

Lawsuit funding is a no-risk means for plaintiffs to pay the bills, avoid destroying their credit reputation, focus on healing physically and emotionally, and allowing their attorney time needed to negotiate a fair settlement.

Some benefits to lawsuit funding include:
• No upfront fees
• No monthly payments
• No credit checks or employment verification
• No obligation to repay if you lose your case
• Cash in less than 48 hours

If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident and struggling to meet daily living expenses, pay medical bills, and other expenses while your case is being litigated, don't allow the insurance company to take advantage of you and don’t make the situation worse by not paying your bills and damaging your financial reputation. Contact Lawsuit Financial; we are here for plaintiffs when they need cash the most.

October 23, 2014

Lawsuit Funding Can Positively Influence Victim's Financial Future

Lawsuit funding provides plaintiffs with quick access to cash without the need for good credit or current employment. That is because funding is based completely on the merits of the case.

Two women traveling in a Nissan Sentra were the victims of fatal auto accident when the driver of a Yukon SUV ran a red light and T-boned their car before hitting two other vehicles. Both women died at the scene; the driver of the Yukon was not injured. Four others escaped minor to serious injuries. One of the deceased women leaves behind two young children, ages three and five. The other woman was the single mother of a sixteen-year-old daughter. Witnesses said it appeared the Yukon tried to brake, but was going to fast to avoid the accident.

The families of the deceased have filed a wrongful death lawsuit, but reaching a settlement could take some time. How will the short-term financial future of these two families be affected while waiting for a settlement or verdict? Lawsuit funding may be available during the interim. With the help of our legal funding services, these families can wait for the compensation they deserve without the financial worries that can hamper recovery.

The process begins with the completion of a one-page funding application. Once received, Lawsuit Financial will contact their attorney for documentation to determine the strength of the case. Once approved and a contract is prepared and signed, the lawsuit cash advance can be mailed or wired as quickly as one day. Lawsuit funding is provided on a non-recourse basis meaning that clients are only expected to pay the money back once a settlement is obtained. That's right; you win or the cash advance is yours to keep - free!

If you have filed a wrongful death lawsuit, a lawsuit cash advance can be particularly helpful when pressed for money and considering accepting a low settlement offer from the insurance company just to pay the bills. Call us 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) at or visit us online to learn how Lawsuit Financial can make it possible to fight for your rights no matter how long it takes.

October 21, 2014

Lawsuit Funding for Nursing Home Negligence Claim

Every year, millions of people become victims of nursing home negligence in the U.S. Due to the increasing number of elderly people as the baby boomer generation ages, the number of nursing home negligence cases will continue to rise. With it, so will the need for nursing home negligence lawsuit funding.

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in the death of a nursing home resident. During the patient's six-month stay, she suffered from bed sores, infections, dehydration, malnutrition, and other injuries. The suit claims staff negligence led to hospitalization and eventually loss of life. The suit also alleges that the deceased suffered disfigurement, disability, pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of dignity. The plaintiff is seeking compensatory and punitive damages to be determined by a jury.

When we place our loved ones in the care of a nursing home, we expect they will receive quality care. Unfortunately, nursing home negligence and abuse are all too common due in part to overworked nurses, under-trained staff, and/or a simple lack of interest by nursing home staff. If you or a loved one suffered physical or emotional injuries because a nursing home was negligent or failed to fulfill its care obligations to you and your family, you may have grounds for a nursing home negligence case.

Choosing the right attorney is a vitally important decision. If you do not know an attorney who specializes in nursing home abuse, Lawsuit Financial has excellent legal referral sources all over the country to assist you; this is a free service for injury victims and their family members. The litigation process is typically a financial and emotional roller coaster especially when money is tight and the bills keep coming. Victims do not want to conduct settlement negotiations when they are struggling, financially. If they do, they will, almost always, accept an offer that is less than full case value.

Lawsuit Financial can assist victims and family members through the difficult financial issues facing them by providing a lawsuit cash advance known as lawsuit funding. Funding can be used for medical, emotional or financial needs; there are no restrictions on how the money is used. There are no upfront fees, monthly payments, credit checks or employment verifications. Because it is a non-recourse cash advance, if you lose your case you owe nothing. There is no need to settle too soon, for too little or struggle financially when Lawsuit Financial is here to help.

Visit us online or call us toll free at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) to discuss your financial needs; we offer a no-obligation lawsuit funding consultation. Once we receive an application, we will review the request and specific case documentation from your attorney. If approved, Lawsuit Financial can send a check or wire funds directly into your account in less than 48 hours. It is that easy.

October 21, 2014

Don't Settle For Less. We Can Put Time and Money in Your Hands

Many people involved in an auto accident, at no fault of their own, face financial difficulty during a pending lawsuit. When injuries are serious, there is usually an additional financial hardship resulting from the loss of income. The stress of dealing with these financial pressures can be detrimental. The billion-dollar insurance industry knows it has a greater leverage over injured citizens seeking fair settlements and will deny, delay, and defend a fair settlement. As the bills continue to mount, plaintiffs will be tempted to settle for much less than they deserve. That was before litigation funding.

Litigation funding can help change the outcome of a settlement award because with the cash advance a plaintiff becomes more financially stable while allowing his/her attorney more time to negotiate a higher settlement. And, because litigation funding is on a non-recourse basis, there are no payments until the plaintiff settles or win the case. If the plaintiff loses, the repayment is waived in its entirety. The litigation funding company requires no credit checks or employment verification; all that is needed is a completed one-page application and documents from the plaintiffs' attorney so the funding company can evaluate the merits of the case. If approved, funds can be available within 24 - 48 hours.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, are unable to return to work, and the bills keep piling up, don't let the slow wheels of justice force you to settle for less because the wheels of the creditors are spinning so fast. Call Lawsuit Financial to find out if you qualify for litigation funding or complete our one-page online application.

October 21, 2014

Lawsuit Funding Can Help Victims After A Jarring Experience

Rain affects the road, your vehicle and your vision. Problems from visibility to traction to traffic can contribute to hazardous conditions; the chances of being involved in an auto accident are far more likely. Drivers are expected to slow down and to exercise extreme caution under rainy conditions. Failing to do so can only make an already dangerous situation even more extreme for themselves, passengers, and other motorists. If an accident occurs, the negligent driver can be held accountable for damages. For those harmed, it is important to seek medical assistance as soon as possible, followed by consulting an experienced attorney to determine their rights. Once a lawsuit is underway, victims in need of financial assistance may wish to seek lawsuit funding.

A double-decker tour bus traveling from Atlanta to Chicago overturned on Interstate 65 south of Indianapolis when the driver of the Megabus attempted to avoid a vehicle in an earlier accident. When the driver lost control, the bus carrying nearly 50 Chicago Bears fans rolled and landed on its side. Twenty-six passengers were injured; six were taken to the hospital with serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

Four passengers have filed a lawsuit against the bus company and its subsidiaries claiming they suffered personal injuries, financial damages and medical expenses. According to complaints filed, the passengers claim they heard the Megabus driver say the windshield wipers were not operating properly and that it was difficult to see the road in the rain. The plaintiffs also claim he was driving too fast for the rainy conditions. The lawsuit seeks at least $50,000 in damages. More passengers are expected to join in the lawsuit.

While the investigation continues and their attorney builds a case, the plaintiffs might wish to consider whether lawsuit funding is necessary to help pay medical expenses and other bills until a settlement or verdict is reached. Lawsuit Financial has been helping plaintiffs for more than fifteen years get through the financial difficult times between filing a claim and case resolution with a lawsuit cash advance. We understand that it can take a long time for a lawsuit to settle and while you wait you may need money to pay the mortgage/rent, medical bills, and auto payments, or simply put food on the table. With the help of a lawsuit cash advance, plaintiffs can meet their short and long-term financial needs while waiting on a case settlement.

It costs nothing to apply and funding is often available within 24-48 hours by wire or check. Applicants don't need to be employed and there is not credit check. The only condition to receive funding is a case with merit. Best of all, repayment is conditioned on winning the case. If funding is provided and the case is lost, the cash advance does not have to be repaid.

Lawsuit funding can be a smart strategic move to give you and your attorney time needed to obtain maximum results. Call Lawsuit Financial or fill out our online application to determine if lawsuit funding is right for you and your case.

Lawsuit Financial, the pro-justice lawsuit funding company, advises all readers to drive carefully, avoid speeding, and travel in accordance with weather and road conditions. Simple safety prevents accidents and lawsuits.

October 20, 2014

The "Real Value" of Lawsuit Funding

Life can throw a curve ball and sometimes an expensive one. What if someone was injured in an auto accident or slip and fall, or a loved one died due to a doctor's negligence? When this happens, people may be forced to drain their savings or take out a loan just to pay the bills. While there are cases in which a settlement is paid quickly (probably, a settlement that significantly benefits the insurance company; it won't pay early, otherwise), many claims will take months, even years. The reasons are varied, but the bottom line is that delayed claim resolution often leaves plaintiffs financially strapped. Unfortunately, plaintiffs can't go to the bank and ask for a loan if they are seriously injured or lost their job. For those facing foreclosure or simply unable to pay the medical bills or put food on the table, lawsuit funding may be the perfect solution.

When considering a lawsuit cash advance, plaintiffs need to understand that lawsuit funding should be no different than a bank loan; use it only if you really need it. Funding should not be wasted on frivolous items or just to have cash on hand, but rather for emergencies and necessary living expenses. Prior to applying for lawsuit funding, plaintiffs should first consider their financial position; if not faced with dire financial circumstances or other resources to tap into, the plaintiff is not an appropriate funding candidate.

Mark Bello, President and CEO of Lawsuit Financial, says he will not let clients over-fund. His firm works directly with the plaintiff's attorney to make a realistic estimate of the case value, the client's needs, and the timing of the cash advance. Mr. Bello says the following factors should be considered before pursuing lawsuit funding.

1. Does the client seem more concerned about financial issues than he/she is about his accident, injuries, and receiving full compensation?

2. Is the client faced with increasing financial issues such as eviction, foreclosure, repossession of his/her vehicle?

3. Is the client unable to put food on the table, pay for medical treatment/expenses or other necessities of life?

4. Does the client need surgery/medical procedures that s/he has no insurance for and cannot otherwise afford?

5. Is the client seriously considering settling his/her valuable case for inadequate compensation?

By eliminating financial desperation, there is a greater potential for achieving substantially improved case results.

Anyone unwilling to settle for less than what their case is worth, but are not in a financial position to move ahead with the litigation process should consult a legal funding expert to learn the "real value" of lawsuit funding.

October 14, 2014

A Halloween Hayride Goes Haywire. Mechanical Failure to Blame

October is a time for apple cider, doughnuts, hayrides, and haunted houses. The last thing anyone expects is to “fight for your life” from a “fright for the night.”

A 17-year-old girl died and more than 20 others were injured during a Halloween-themed hayride at Harvest Hill Farm in Mechanic Falls, Maine. The flatbed trailer was being pulled by a Jeep SUV when the driver apparently missed a turn at the top of a hill. The trailer jackknifed and the Jeep went off the steep, narrow dirt road. The trailer loaded with riders went crashing down a hill and slammed into a tree, throwing its passengers to the ground. Although the investigation is ongoing, police believe a mechanical problem may have prevented the SUV from stopping. The state fire marshal is inspecting the trailer; state police are inspecting the vehicle that was pulling the wagon.

While state fire marshals inspect and license mechanical amusement rides in Maine, but hayrides do not require such licensing. This does not excuse businesses and property owners from failing to insure their customers are safe. If it is determined that the owners or the driver of the Jeep were negligent or careless, such as failing to properly maintain the Jeep and trailer or overloading the trailer, they can be held accountable. If it is determined that the brakes failed due to a mechanical error or defective product, the auto manufacturer can be held accountable as well.

As a family mourns the loss of a young girl and many others heel from injuries, they may wish to consult an experienced attorney to understand their rights. Although a lawsuit can help the victims received compensation for damages, it will not be an easy road. Often times, it will take months, even years before a settlement is reached. Most likely, the defendants and their insurance companies may attempt to raise the doctrine known as assumption of the risk. While an attorney works to achieve the maximum case value, those with limited income may struggle to keep their case strong. That is where lawsuit funding comes in.

Lawsuit Financial is a legal funding company providing lawsuit cash advances against an expected settlement or verdict in a pending case. Securing lawsuit funding can help pay funeral expenses, medical bills, mortgage, credit car debt, and other out of pocket expenses. A lawsuit cash advance can also help avoid the pressures of settling too soon, for too little. There are no application fees, credit checks, or monthly payments; we approve funding based solely on the merits of the case. We are only repaid once our clients successfully settler their case; if the case is lost, the repayment is waived.

Call or visit us online for a free consultation or to apply for no-risk lawsuit funding. We will evaluate your application and case documentation quickly; if approve, you can receive funding in as little as 24 hours.