May 19, 2015

Litigation Funding Puts Financial Worries at Bay When Recovery is Delayed

The purpose of a lawsuit is to seek justice and compensate victims for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The more complicated the personal injury lawsuit, the longer it usually takes to reach a fair settlement. Additionally, most plaintiffs are up against a defendant with deep pockets, whom is in no hurry to settle a case and pay fairly. For many, income and savings can’t keep up with the bills especially for those unable to work. A plaintiff pursuing a lawsuit who is desperate for immediate cash is not a positive influence during settlement negotiations. This person will, almost always, settle too early, for too little. When cash is low, but the bills are high, a better option is to seek litigation funding

With a lawsuit cash advance, instead of worrying about how to avoid foreclosure, car repossession, and mounting late fees on credit cards, a plaintiff can concentrate on healing and pursuing a claim to full case value. At Lawsuit Financial, we provide financial assistance without the need for a credit check, proof of employment or other personal information; our funding is provided on the merits of the case, nothing more.

To determine if litigation funding can make a difference to your financial well-being during a pending lawsuit, give us a call. We would be happy to provide a free, no-obligation consultation. If you are ready to apply, simply start you application by clicking here. After obtaining case documentation from your attorney, our underwriters will review your case and make a funding decision typically within 24 – 48 hours. If approved, the cash advance can be deposited directly into your bank account or sent via overnight mail. There are no out-of-pocket expenses to add further to your financial burden; nothing is paid until you win your case at which time repayment is made from the settlement. If for any reason you fail to win your lawsuit, you would owe nothing; repayment of the lawsuit cash advance is completely waived.

Lawsuit Financial Corporation has the most combined legal and lawsuit financing experience. Case we fund include, but are not limited to, auto and truck accidents, construction accidents, mass transit accidents (airplane, bus, train, bus), medical malpractice, nursing home neglect and abuse, premise liability such as slip and fall accidents, traumatic brain injuries and wrongful death lawsuits.

May 18, 2015

Lawsuit Funding Benefits Slip and Fall Victims

Businesses that welcome the public onto their premises are legally obligated to maintain reasonably safe premises for the protection of their customers. When a slip and fall accident happens, the business may be liable for injuries if it can be shown that the slip and fall occurred due to unsafe conditions on the property.

In some cases, physical damages may be long-lasting, even permanent. While victims may never be made whole, money can ease the burden. But, slip and fall cases are often very complicated; there are many factors to consider when determining fault. It is not uncommon for a slip and fall case to take several years to reach its conclusion. During this time, plaintiffs may be unable to work and faced with extensive medical bills as well as daily household living expenses. Slip and fall lawsuit funding can take the burden off the victims shoulders by providing lawsuit cash advances to cover expenses that they will incur. This allows for the individual to let the personal injury litigation play itself out, and receive the money that they deserve. Funding is provided at no risk; if the plaintiff doesn’t win the case, s/he is not required to pay us back. Yes, that is correct...lose the case, the money is free.

Are you waiting for a settlement from a premises negligence lawsuit, but need money to pay your bills? You may eligible for lawsuit funding, which can put cash in your pocket now to help with your short-term cash needs. Complete our one page, online application to get started. We will contact you immediately and begin the process; we typically have a funding decision within 24 – 48 hours of receiving documentation from your attorney. Remember, if you lose your case, you do not have to pay Lawsuit Financial a penny!

Apply today! The application is free! There are no up-front fees, and if you qualify we can get you the cash you need as quickly as 24 – 48 hours.

May 15, 2015

Lawsuits Seek Answers in Fatal Accident by Tractor Trailer Equipment with Alert System to Avoid Crashes

Accidents between an auto and a truck can be serious or deadly for the occupants of the car because of the large weight differential between the auto and the truck. A plaintiff filing a lawsuit because of injury or death may want to consider lawsuit funding to relieve financial pressures while waiting for case settlement.

Five Georgia nursing students were killed after a tractor-trailer failed to slow down and smashed into stop-and-go traffic. The semi ran into the back of a Ford Escape, then rolled over a Toyota Corolla before hitting a tanker. The Corolla burst into flames with three students trapped inside. Four other nursing students were driving in the Escape. According to police, four students died at the scene and three others were taken to the hospital, where the fifth one died. All seven woman were en route to the final day of nursing clinical rotations at a Savannah hospital at the time of the accident.

Families of the deceased have filed lawsuits against the truck driver, his employer, and Total Transportation of Mississippi, among others. The lawsuits claim the truck driver did not brake, made no effort to avoid colliding with the stopped vehicles on the roadway, and was traveling just under 70 mph as he approached vehicles stopped by the other accident.

While the lawsuits will not bring their daughters back, the families of the deceased seeks answers. Although an inspection found that the tractor trailer was installed with an alert system designed to warn the truck drivers to stop before hitting the cars, it is unknown whether the device was working. If so, why didn’t the driver heed the warning? Why did he not see the long line of traffic with brake lights? Was he fatigued? Was he distracted by a cell phone? The families also hope this fatality will be a wake-up call to all trucking companies.

As an experienced legal funding company, we understand how difficult the litigation process can be especially if the bills are piling up. With a lawsuit cash advance, we can help you get back on your feet and maintain financial stability until the case settles. We provide funding based on the strength of the case, not credit or work history. Once an application is completed and approved, the lawsuit cash advance can be available within 24 – 48 hours. Our only requirement is that you are represented by an attorney and your case has merit. Lawsuit funding is provided on a non-recourse basis, so nothing is paid back until you receive your case settlement. If, for some reason, you don't win your case, the repayment is completely waived. It is no longer necessary to allow corporate defense attorneys to force you to settle prematurely for a fraction of the case value.

If you are injured in an accident, and struggling financially, let lawsuit funding remove the financial pressure and gives you and your attorney the time needed to fully pursue your case. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

May 12, 2015

Lawsuit Funding Helps Family When Medical Misdiagnosis Caused Severe Brain Damage

Misdiagnosing of failing to diagnose a medical condition is a common form of medical malpractice that can result in permanent disability or death. If any harm resulting from a medical misdiagnosis could have been prevented, the patient may have a viable medical malpractice lawsuit. To understand your legal rights, it is important to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney. Once the litigation process is underway, a lawsuit cash advance can help pay the bills until justice is done and compensation is received.

Here is a hypothetical example of how lawsuit funding can help plaintiffs.

A woman was admitted to the emergency room after suffering several days of severe headaches. After numerous test results, she was discharged and told to take prescribed pain medicine. The next morning, she suffered paralysis on one side of her body. Returning to the ER, doctors determined she suffered an aneurysm and left with severe brain damage and the inability to more the right side of her body. She requires around-the-clock care. It was later discovered that doctors overlooked a cyst on a CT scan during the first trip to the ER.

The family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit on her behalf, but the case was taking much longer than their finances could sustain. Cases like this are hard fought and, in the right situations, excellent candidates for lawsuit funding. A lawsuit cash advance helped pay medical expenses and the family’s daily household bills, until justice was served and compensation received. All that was required for approval was a one-page application and case documentation from their attorney. There was no need for collateral, a credit check or employment verification. The family paid nothing until the case settled, at which time repayment came from the proceeds of the case.

A funding decision is typically available within 24 – 48 hours after receipt of all pertinent information. Because funding is provided on a non-recourse basis, repayment is only made when the case successfully settles. If the case is lost, the repayment is waived. It is financial peace of mind while a family waits for justice.

If you are in a pending lawsuit and have no other avenues of financial assistance, consider lawsuit funding. The call is free; the advice and funding can be a lifesaver.

May 11, 2015

Three Teens Dead After High-Speed Crash in Metro Park

Every year thousands of teens die in traffic accidents—often as a result of the teenage driver’s excessive speed, lack of experience, or inattention. A speeding driver, especially and inexperienced one, is less able to negotiate turns and to steer around hazards. It is relatively easy to lose control and collide with another vehicle or an obstacle such as a guardrail or pole. Serious injuries and fatalities are a likely outcome.

Three 17-year-olds were killed and two injured when their speeding Jaguar went off the road, crashed through a guardrail and careened into the river. The vehicle came to a stop on its side halfway in the water. Four of the teens were ejected from the vehicle; only one was wearing a seat belt and had to be rescued from the water by firefighters. Three of the four occupants ejected were pronounced dead at the scene. The two survivors were taken to a local hospital; one remains in critical condition. After pulling the vehicle out of the river, investigators found "remnants of alcohol," but said they would not know if the occupants were under the influence until the toxicology reports came back. It is still unknown who was driving the vehicle or if other factors besides speed contributed to the fatal accident.

Some of the families may decide to file a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit against the young driver. While a lawsuit can help, they usually take some time to reach a settlement or a verdict. Meanwhile, bills must be paid; can sometimes encounter financial strain. Lawsuit funding, a lawsuit cash advance, can ease this predicament.

The main purpose of lawsuit funding is to help plaintiffs survive financially during the litigation process so that they are not forced to accept less than a fair settlement just because they need money now.

Lawsuit funding can assist with mortgage/rent payments, funeral costs, medical expenses, and other household living expenses. There is no credit check or employment verification in applying for funding. A lawsuit cash advance is available by phone or online, and is contingent on the outcome of your case. The only collateral needed is a pending lawsuit. Approvals can be made within 24 - 48 hours. If approved, there are no payments until the case settles. If the case is lost, there is no repayment.

If you have been involved in an auto accident and are undergoing serious financial challenges while waiting for your settlement, contact Lawsuit Financial for a complimentary evaluation of your case.

May 6, 2015

Faulty Signal May Have Caused Fatal Auto Accident

If you are one of the many people injured or who lost a loved one in an auto accident and you need lawsuit funding, Lawsuit Financial may be your answer.

It was a similar scene that several area residents have seen before. A pedestrian lost his life while crossing the busy intersection at the same time as a truck. Residents say that despite it being the busiest intersection in town, the crosswalks aren't properly synced. One witness said, "Sometimes it will say go when it's not time to go, or you'll be waiting for a long time when there are no cars. When there are cars, it will tell you to go."

While the accident is under investigation, family members of the deceased may wish to seek legal advice to understand their rights. If the driver was found negligent, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against him and his employer. If it is proven that the accident was caused by an improperly designed road, an electronic malfunction, or faulty traffic lights, the government entities can be held accountable. In a case involving a government entity, there will be an extensive investigation of the roadway and its history, especially critical because the road has been the site of previous accidents.

Bringing a lawsuit may afford compensation to reimburse you for lost wages, medical expenses, and other expenses as a result of the accident. In addition, a personal injury settlement can help to offset the funeral expenses of a loved one and provide non-economic damages for pain and suffering. Unfortunately, proving a dangerous roadway caused an auto accident can be a long legal process and difficult to prove; government bodies have strong defenses put in place by the government itself. If it is determined that a cause of action exists for a lawsuit and the family needs financial assistance during the lengthy legal process, lawsuit funding may be a viable short-term solution.

Before applying for lawsuit funding, the family must be represented by an experienced attorney. After completing a funding application, Lawsuit Financial will review certain factors of the case to determine its strength. If approved for a lawsuit cash advance, the client will sign a contract and we will wire funds within 24 – 48 hours. There is no need for a credit check or employment verification, and we do not charge any upfront or monthly fees. The only time we are paid is when the case successfully settles, at which time repayment comes from the case proceeds. If the client loses the case, the cash advance is completely waived.

If you are a plaintiff struggling financially during a lengthy personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, consider lawsuit funding. Call Lawsuit Financial for a free, no-obligation consultation or to apply.

April 30, 2015

Lawsuit Funding: It's This Simple!

Anyone involved in a personal injury case can tell you that being involved in a lawsuit is a stressful process. More often than not, the insurance company will often delay compensation, then the least possible settlement. It could take months, even years to see justice. The last thing you want to do during this time is worry about insurmountable medical bills, lost wages and various living expenses. If you find yourself in need of financial assistance to make ends meet, consider lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit cash advances can provide financial stability until your case settles. This type of funding is not like a traditional loan. Lawsuit funding is provided solely on the strength of your case and repayment is made from the proceeds of your settlement. There are no upfront fees or monthly payments and employment history doesn’t matter. Even if you have bad or no credit, lawsuit funding is a viable option, quite possibly the only option available to you during this difficult time. Best of all, if you happen to lose your case and receive no settlement, you are not expected to repay the cash advance.

In order to be eligible for lawsuit funding, all you need is a pending lawsuit and attorney representation, whether awaiting trial, a settlement, or payment of your settlement. The next step is to complete a one-page application. Once received, we will ask for case documentation from your attorney to make a funding decision. If your case is approved, and after a contract is signed, we can overnight the cash advance or send funds via electronic bank transfer within 24 – 48 hours. Then, pay your bills and let your attorney focus on obtaining the best settlement.

Lawsuit funding is an important decision; it's not right for everyone. Learn about your options by contacting Lawsuit Financial.

April 21, 2015

Lawsuit Funding Guide to Eligibility and the Application Process

If you are a plaintiff involved in a personal injury lawsuit and struggling to make ends meet, this guide can help determine if you are eligible for lawsuit funding and how to apply.

A “personal injury” is often a life-changing moment when you are seriously injured as the result of someone else's negligence or carelessness. While the most obvious example of this is an automobile accident, a personal injury lawsuit can result from many different types of occurrences and injuries. However the accident occurred, whoever is at fault, whatever the injuries, if you experience severe injuries and disabilities, it can lead to a mountain of medical bills, time off work, financial and emotional stress, and an inability to pay even everyday living expenses. To make the situation worse is a long legal process, one that could take years. How do you make ends meet? How does you survive, financially, to do battle with a well-financed insurance company with all the time and money in the world?

You may not realize there is a financial support option available to you known as lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance to help plaintiffs pay their bills, compensate for lost wages, and assist in daily expenses while on a long, and sometimes, bumpy road to resolution. While these transactions are often called “lawsuit loans,” they are not. The primary difference is that we fund cases, not people. There are no credit checks, employment verifications, or monthly payments. Repayment is made from the proceeds of the case, and a client's obligation to repay the cash advance will be completely excused if the case fails. This is not true with a traditional bank loan.

What kind of cases qualify for lawsuit funding?
Here is a list of a several types of cases we fund. If your case is not listed, please contact our office as we fund many other personal injury cases as well.
- Auto and Motorcycle Accidents
- Bus Accidents
- Trucking Accidents
- Construction Accidents
- Medical Malpractice
- Hospital and Nursing Home Neglect
- Premises Liability Accidents, including slip and fall accidents
- Pedestrian Accidents

How do you qualify?

Because we take all the risk of a lawsuit not settling in a client’s favor, having a case with merit is crucial for qualification. A case with merit involves a plaintiff with a serious injury, a strong case against the defendant, and an attorney working on a contingency basis.

How do you apply?

Once you meet the qualifications listed above, you may apply for funding. This process is quick and easy, consisting of a one-page application. Once received, we will review your application and contact your attorney to request the pertinent documents. Our underwriters will review the documents and make a funding decision within 24 – 48 hours. If your case is approved and you accept the lawsuit cash advance offer, you and your attorney will sign an agreement. We will then wire the funds directly into your bank account or send a check via overnight mail. Remember, repayment is not made until the case settles, and if you suffer the misfortune of losing your case, you owe absolutely nothing.

Why Lawsuit Financial?

We not only fund cases nationwide, our clients appreciate the following additional benefits of utilizing our services:
- Absolutely no “junk” fees or fees of any kind.
- Flat-fee funding approach (industry exclusive).
- Guaranteed value of case compromise if case doesn't achieve predicted value (industry
- Years of legal and legal funding industry experience (Our CEO is one of the most, if not the
most experienced industry professional).
- Confidentiality amongst attorneys is maintained at all times.
- No meddling with your case or with how your attorney handles your case.

How to Contact Us
If you have sustained significant injuries in an accident and need lawsuit funding during your pending lawsuit, we may be able to provide the cash advance you need. Contact us by completing our online application or call us toll-free at 1-877-377-7848. A member of our team would be happy to discuss your funding options.

April 14, 2015

Financial Assistance While Waiting to Settle A Personal Injury Claim

Auto accident victims have a common question – how long will it take to settle my case? This is an obvious question because victims want to put the accident behind them, but also want compensation for their loss, sooner rather than later, especially if injuries meant the inability to return to work. Unfortunately, most insurance companies will deny, delay, and defend a claim. An experienced attorney will fight for the best settlement possible, but filing a lawsuit and waiting out the litigation process can take months, even years. Time is not on the plaintiff’s side, especially a cash-strapped one. With limited options to pay even their basic needs, plaintiffs may consider help from family or friends or max-out credit cards. Family and friends may be unable to provide the necessary cash and credit card companies still require monthly payments. That leaves a plaintiff with two choices - settle with the insurance company now, knowing it is a low settlement offer or apply for lawsuit funding.

What is lawsuit funding?
Lawsuit funding is a cash advance (not a lawsuit loan) provided to plaintiffs who are involved in pending litigation through no fault of their own and need financial assistance. It is based on the merits of the case - what the funding company thinks the case will ultimately settle for.

Who is eligible for funding?
Anyone who has filed a lawsuit and are represented by an attorney, or who has settled a lawsuit and awaiting payment, is eligible for lawsuit funding.

What can the cash advance be used for?
The money can be used any way the client would like, but it is recommended that funding be used for “emergency” needs, such as medical expenses, mortgage, car payments, putting food on the table, etc.

How much can a plaintiff receive?
The amount of funding received depends on the details of the case.

How is the cash advance repaid?
Repayment of the cash advance, with interest, is made once the case successfully settles. If the case is lost, repayment is waived in its entirety. Additionally, there are no monthly payments or upfront fees.

What is needed to apply for funding?
The only requirement to apply is completion of a one-page application by the plaintiff and case documentation from the plaintiff’s attorney. There is no need for a credit check or employment verification.

How long will it take to receive the cash advance?

Once application and case documentation is received, if approved, funds can be available in as little as 24 hours.

If you are in a pending personal injury lawsuit and don't have the financial ability to wait out the litigation process, consider lawsuit funding to provide the financial relief you need.

April 9, 2015

Lawsuit Funding Can Work For You!

Serious injuries from an auto accident can disrupt your life physically and emotionally. Often the losses extend to your finances, especially if injuries left you unable to work. The more complicated the personal injury lawsuit, the longer it usually takes to reach a fair settlement. Because insurance companies have a financial advantage, they are in a position to deny, delay, and defend legal proceedings. Waiting months or years for a settlement can take a toll and you and your family. While accepting a low settlement offer may be tempting, it is usually not in your best interest. When you can no longer afford to wait for compensation you deserve, when you need money to pay immediate bills and meet your family’s basic needs, lawsuit funding can work for you.

With a lawsuit cash advance, you can pay expenses such as the mortgage, car payments, utilities, and out-of-pocket medical expenses. When not stressing about your finances, it’s easier to focus on recovering from your injuries while your attorney fights for fair compensation.

Lawsuit funding is a safe alternative to a bank loan because it better protects your interests as repayment is contingent on receiving a settlement. Lawsuit funding is also risk-free; if your case is lost, you owe nothing. Qualifying is easy; there are no credit checks or employment verifications; funding is based on the merits of the case.

Don’t compromise your ability to get the compensation you deserve. If you have a pending personal injury claim and have hired an attorney, you already qualify. With our streamlined application process, you can be approved for funding as quickly as 24 hours, and the lawsuit cash advance can be deposited directly into your bank account or sent via overnight mail. Call us toll-free at 1-877-377-7848 or complete our online application form. Our representatives are waiting to work for you!

April 7, 2015

Lawsuit Funding Bridges the Financial Gap until Justice is Served

Many auto accident victims who have suffered serious injuries and loss of income will struggle to pay not only daily household expenses, but additional bills as a result of the accident. Even in the most “cut-and-dry” case, a settlement can take years. When the financial strain of medical expenses and other bills becomes too much to bear, insurance companies, more often than not, will use a plaintiff’s economic hardships to their own benefit. When this happens, the plaintiff may settle for an amount that may not be enough to cover even medical expenses. A better option may be to apply for lawsuit funding.

What are the benefits of lawsuit funding?

1. The client can use the money for anything they wish, but usually will pay medical and/or funeral expenses, avoid foreclosure or eviction, make car payments, buy food, and pay other essential living expenses.

2. There are no upfront fees or monthly payments.

3. There are no credit checks.

4. There is no employment verification.

5. The client can receive enough money to cover critical expenses, but not enough to negatively impact recovery at settlement. In fact, there is an advantage to requesting cash advances over the course of the litigation process. By requesting cash advances on an as needed basis, it forces financial discipline; the plaintiff is more likely to spend the money only on the necessities. Funding in smaller increments is also less costly for the plaintiff because the repayment is based on cash advance amount at the time the funding was provided.

What are the risks of lawsuit funding?

There are no risks to the client; lawsuit funding is based solely on the merits of the case. The legal finance company assumes all the risk “buying” more time for the client’s attorney to receive a larger cash settlement. Funds are only repaid if, and when, the client successful settles the case. If the suit is not successful for any reason, the client's obligation to repay the cash advance is completely waived.

What is involved in the application process?

Lawsuit Financial knows how desperate financially strapped plaintiffs can be, so we are dedicated to making the application and approval process quick and easy. Simply complete a one-page online application or call 1-877-443-4711; we handle the rest. The only qualification to receive lawsuit funding is retaining an experienced attorney and a strong case.

How long is the approval process and how long will it take to receive funds?

Once we receive a funding application and case documentation from the plaintiff’s attorney, we immediately review the case. If approved for funding, Lawsuit Financial will prepare a contract for signature and wire funds directly into a client’s bank account within 24 – 48 hours.

The bottom line – lawsuit funding helps solve a plaintiff’s financial problems allowing them to wait for full case value. If you have been injured, disabled, or lost a loved one due to the negligence of someone else, if the bills are piling up, and if your life has been interrupted in a way nearly impossible to recover from without significant financial help, contact Lawsuit Financial. We may be able to help bridge the financial gap until your case settles.

April 6, 2015

Action News Exposes Deadly, Outdated Guardrails

Winning a wrongful death lawsuit resulting from a dangerous road accident involves proving the government was aware of a significant roadway danger, but failed to fix it. It can be a long legal process, but successful cases not only benefit the victims, but indirectly force changes in dangerous road conditions that can save lives - changes that might not otherwise occur at all. During the litigation process, the victim may struggle to meet financial obligations due to medical expenses, loss of income, funeral and burial expenses, and other expenses. Lawsuit Financial may be able to help; we provide financial support to plaintiffs known as litigation funding.

Last April, the 25-year-old was driving a 1998 Ford Mustang eastbound on Ronald Reagan Parkway when he lost control of his vehicle and ran off the road before striking a breakaway cable terminal (BCT) on the end of a steel guardrail. Investigators determined the BCT penetrated the driver's side of the car and sliced through the driver's seatbelt. He died on impact. Despite speeding as the cause of a fatal auto accident, the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation alleging that a redesigned guardrail could have prevented death and minimized the severity of injuries.

In October, Channel 2 Action News found there are more than 300 outdated BCT guardrails still lining Georgia roadways, despite a federal government determination that the guardrail ends were "too stiff" to protect drivers. Although the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recommended removal and replacement dating back to 1998, it stopped short of requiring states to immediately find and remove all BCT’s, instead allowing the replacements to happen gradually as departments of transportation completed routine roadwork. After Channel 2 exposed the problem, Georgia’s DOT found nearly 2000 of the dangerous guardrails just on Georgia's interstates. The guardrails are being removed on a case by case basis where construction projects exist. A GDOT spokesperson said there is no timeline for when the outdated BCT guardrails will be removed across the state; it all depends on funding.

Any time a guardrail spears and penetrates its interior that should tell you that the guardrail design is faulty. Holding a negligent corporation accountable for a defective product not only compensates the victim for damages, but also allows the problem to become publicly known so that hopefully changes will be made and lives are saved. But, dangerous road cases are often long and drawn out. During this time, a victim may struggle to meet financial obligations.
Unfortunately, cases like this take years to settle. In that time, the victim’s family may be struggling to meet financial obligations due to the loss of income and other expenses as a result of his death. Applying for litigation funding may be the perfect solution. While waiting for the case to travel through the legal system toward resolution, a lawsuit cash advance can help with urgent financial issues and other necessities of life funding. Addressing financial obligations means plaintiffs can avoid settling too soon, for too little.

Applying for funding is quick and easy with Lawsuit Financial. There is no credit check or employment verification. Additionally, we do not require upfront fees or monthly payments. Best of all, our lawsuit cash advances are not paid back until the case successfully settles. Should the plaintiff lose the case, the repayment is waived.

If you are in a pending lawsuit and struggling to make ends meet, Lawsuit Financial may be able to provide you the financial support needed. We will evaluate your case and if approved, you can have funding within 24 - 48 hours. Call our office at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit us online. The call is free; the advice is priceless.