Search Engine Optimization Fact or Fiction

Search Engine Optimization Fact or Fiction | 2023 Edition

Are you a business owner who is interested in learning more about search engine optimization, also known as SEO, in the digital marketing community? If you read this then you have taken the first step to discovering more about what SEO is, how it benefits products online, and the massive amount of money that is earned if performed correct. Many facts regarding the practice surround positive acclaim but fiction also exists within the words of those who work under this particular vertical. In this article we want to clear up misconceptions about false understandings with SEO and shine an important light on the matter of facts on how it can bring your brand more visibility on search engines like Google, Amazon, and DuckDuckGo. We hope you enjoy learning about this just as much as our team composed this to better help you build understanding.


Facts: What is SEO and How Does It Benefit My Business in 2023?

Search engine optimization, digital marketing, or online advertising is the process of bringing exposure to brand websites on engines like Google. Potential consumers search for help on their computers, distinctions are formed by robots, then keyword phrases are analyzed by consultants like Jonathan Elijah Bowers with to punch numbers to determine how being #1 on the SERP’s translates into predicated sales per month. A competent approach is necessary for success.

Facts: Tattoo Shop Example

For example, a tattoo artist in Fort Worth, Texas runs their mom and pop shop. It is foundational to understand keyword volume along with lifetime customer value in order to gain clarity towards return on investment. Folks who want body art in this area will search for terms or phrases like, “best tattoo shop fort worth tx”, “walk in tattoo shops fort worth”, or “all female tattoo shop fort worth” then the SERP’s will compile a list of trusted, reputable, and organic local businesses that pertain to the search terminologies. Learn more about keyword research from this study.

This digital practice helps tattoo businesses whether local or worldwide get the message out about their positively acclaimed products or body art services. In the example above we described keyword research for tattoo shops in Fort Worth, TX. To better form a foundation on that model let’s dive deeper…

Let’s say you own the business Lone Dragon Tattoo in Dallas, Texas. Your unique resource location is your pride and joy. Your brand name includes the words Lone, Dragon, and Tattoo, all of which help Google form distinctions about what your brand pertains. Keyword research matters with search engine optimization because the more relevant words within your domain, inner URL, title, meta description, and content brings trust that your brand is about tattoos and nothing else. If you wanted location relevancy your brand domain could be This only works if you have one location because a inner URL like can cause confusion with sitemaps, robots, and even customers who visit your webpage. Anyways, let’s move on to more about search engine optimization.

Facts: Sink or Swim Method of Practice

Successful consultants, agencies, and SEO businesses understand an important principle whenever to comes to ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any search engine for that matter. That is to understand the practice or principle known as Sink or Swim. This means as discussed in the paragraph above is to provide relevancy on your website to resonate with search engines. The metric values we lay out are as follow: match keywords or latent semantically index words with your domain as most important, then inner URL to provide more clues, meta description to provide taste, and lastly content on page. Provide to search engine robots that your webpage is about what you claim it is to be in order to gain trust and rankings on the result pages.

Facts: Is SEO Worth the Price?

If you face fear about the price or trust of an SEO consultant we want to share with you statistics compiled by some of the top authorities on the world wide web. According to we discovered that SEO is a long-term investment because top page results take anywhere from 6-12 months. In terms of pricing, it solely depends on the market value and keyword difficulty but you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000/month to $6000/month for online success. You may ask yourself, ‘Why should I trust an SEO consultant/agency? Wouldn’t you just run away with my money?’ As shady as it may seem, no, competently approachable business characters provide plans for success as well as plans for failure in terms of letters of agreements with clauses carefully articulated by financial lawyers like the ones on this webpage. Fair, honest, and transparent business is performed by providing goods and services with clear results and steady communication. The folks at Team Building provided us with a list of business books that help form proof elements, trust, and naturalness with conducting business here.

In order to determine if search engine optimization is worth the price for you we recommend you sit down with a trusted consultant like Jon at to better gain understanding about your website’s current health, keyword research, and the competition you face along the digital road. If you want to learn more about him visit his discovery form at

Fiction: SEO Success Occurs Overnight

As tough as it may seem to swallow the truth of the matter SEO success does not occur overnight. Many proclaimed gurus share false secrets about overnight results on Google or Bing but do not be fooled. Trust must be gained in order to claim permanent traffic. Learn more here.


We touched up on an example about how SEO can benefit a tattoo shop and about a local search engine optimization consultant in Fort Worth, Texas. The facts and fiction about search engine marketing may be blurry but we provided valuable insight about keyword research, branding tips, sink or swim methodologies, questions about pricing regarding this form of online advertising, plus fiction that surrounds this field of marketing. If you have questions, comments, or concerns reach out to our team via the comment section or call Jonathan Bowers at 817-559-3537 to better form understanding and clarity with you online business.

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