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You Don’t Have To Settle For Less With Lawsuit Funding

Robert was waiting at a red traffic light. Moments later, the driver of a Ford F150 slammed into the back end of his Honda Accord pushing Robert through the intersection and into an oncoming vehicle. An investigation proved that the driver of the pick-up was answering a text when the accident occurred.

Robert suffered a neck and leg injuries, and a herniated disc in his lower back. He underwent surgery followed by months of physical therapy. To receive compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, Robert filed a lawsuit. His attorney told him that it could be months for the case to settle. The insurance company made Robert a low-ball offer. Robert didn’t want to accept the offer, but he was facing mounting medical expenses and other bills. His attorney told him about lawsuit funding.

After researching several lawsuit funding companies, Robert signed a contract with Lawsuit Financial. Lawsuit Financial, a leader in the litigation funding industry. Robert felt comfortable with their rates and terms – no application fees, no monthly payments, and best of all, if he lost his case he owed them nothing.

Lawsuit Financial was there when he needed them most. The pre-settlement funding gave Charles financial relief to avoid settling too soon, for too little. And, it gave his attorney the time needed to render a fair settlement.