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Youthful Drivers: Do They Have Enough Experience?

This case makes me wonder about the wisdom of younger people having driver’s licenses; the youthful drivers involved in this chain reaction automobile accident case lacked the experience to know that they were required to slow down when passing a police car that was stopped on the highway, investigating another accident.

This accident a really a series of events that set off a chain reaction of several automobile accidents that ultimately injured three people. Thankfully, although the injuries the three received were considered relatively minor, there is the possibility that some injuries may give problems later when its least expected. For instance, whiplash can often cause severe pain and result in serious disc or brain damage later. This is one of the major reasons why it is important to consult with your physician and, also, wise to speak to a personal injury attorney about any automobile accident. Don’t sign away your rights until you are certain of the residuals of your injuries. You may be suffering from something that could incapacitate you later.

This particular automobile accident took place in Missouri. It involved a State trooper, who was investigating another accident at the time; his cruiser was violently rear-ended causing a chain-reaction crash and injuring three. The trooper was checking out the damages to a 1999 VW, when a 2001 Honda slammed into his cruiser. The VW driver was in the cruiser at the time of the accident and witnessed a 19-year old driver lose control of his car. The Honda hit the police cruiser so hard that it knocked it into the VW. The Honda then continued south bound in the north bound lanes of the road, veered to the east; hit a gas line and a telephone pole before coming to a halt. Emergency medical crews took all three drivers to the hospital where they were treated and released.

The investigation isn’t complete yet, and, of course, there are questions: Was the Honda driver paying attention to where he was going or was he busy texting while driving? Was he under the influence of a drug or alcohol? Was he recklessly speeding, in a hurry to get somewhere and not obeying the rules of the road? In any event, the people he injured in this case are likely to retain legal counsel and pursue personal injury cases in court. For example, the VW driver in the police cruiser, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, should be able to recover damages for his injuries.

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