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You Are Not Helpless With Lawsuit Financial

Innocent victims of an auto accident have the right to seek compensation from the negligent party for medical expenses, physical therapy and rehabilitation, loss of income, and pain and suffering, and other expenses. After filing the lawsuit, a plaintiff may wait months, even years for trial. The wait for a settlement can seem endless especially if the victim has been seriously injured and unable to work. Without the means to stay financially afloat, plaintiffs may be pressured to settle too soon for too little. This is one of the biggest mistakes a plaintiff can make. However, with the help of Lawsuit Financial plaintiffs can persevere against any delay and wait for fair compensation.

While the lawsuit is pending, Lawsuit Financial can provide a plaintiff with a lawsuit cash advance, known as lawsuit funding. This advance helps the plaintiff take care of immediate financial needs such as medical expenses, mortgage payments, rent, auto payments, and monthly household bills. When the financial pressures are removed, the plaintiff has the staying power to see his/her case through to obtain the higher possible recovery deserved.

Although banks and other financial institutions may be less costly, they typically will not provide a loan against a lawsuit. Additionally, banks require a credit check, monthly payments, and employment history. On the other hand, Lawsuit Financial requires none of these. As long as a lawsuit has been filed and the plaintiff is represented by an attorney, he/she is eligible to for lawsuit funding. Best of all, the advance does not need to be repaid until the case settles. If the plaintiff loses, repayment is waived in its entirety. No bank can say that.

If you are an unfortunate victim of a personal injury and faced with a financial burden due to loss of income and a mountain of unpaid bills, consider lawsuit funding. Upon receipt of your application, we will contact your attorney for necessary case documentation. Once our investors review your case, if approved, the cash advance can be available within 24 – 48 hrs. Having cash when you need it most will not only provide your attorney time to fight for the compensation you deserve, but also prevent you from facing a hopeless financial situation.

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