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Wrongful Death Lawsuits are no Walk in the Park; Lawsuit Funding Can Help

The families of two 15-year-old girls, who were victims of a fatal August 2013 auto accident, have filed wrongful death lawsuits.

Based on witness statements, investigators allege that the driver of a pick-up truck was traveling at a high rate of speed and in reckless manner. As he approached a curve, the truck driver lost control of his vehicle, left the roadway, and swerved onto a bike-path where the two girls were walking. Both teens were pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police said alcohol was a contributing factor; the man was approximately three times the legal limit at the time of the accident.

The lawsuit also names the truck driver’s former employer, alleging that the company arranged for alcohol to be served a golf tournament it hosted and assisted in serving alcohol to the man after he became clearly intoxicated. It is not uncommon for an injured victim or the family of a deceased loved one to experience a gap in their finances potentially creating a significant financial hardship.

Waiting for the settlement from a wrongful death lawsuit can take a long time and put a family in financial ruin. Fortunately, Lawsuit Financial has a means to help. We provide lawsuit funding, a cash advance against pending settlements. With lawsuit funding, a plaintiff can pay funeral and burial expenses as well as other financial obligations. It costs nothing to apply and funding often arrives within 24-48 hours by wire or check. There is no need to have a job and there is no credit checks required. Nothing is paid until the case successfully settles. Best of all, a lawsuit cash advance is risk-free; if you lose your case you keep the advance and owe us nothing.

Suffering the loss of a loved one is enough of a hardship; don’t succumb to a financial hardship as well. If you lost a loved one in an auto accident and are undergoing serious financial challenges while waiting for your settlement, contact Lawsuit Financial to apply or for a no obligation consultation. Our funding solutions may be the smart strategic move to give you and your attorney time needed to obtain maximum results.