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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settlement Resulting from Adult Day Care Center Negligence

A wrongful death lawsuit was recently settled against a Chicago adult day care center and two other corporate defendants for $1.2 million. The case alleged that an 87-year-old man was left alone at the front of the day care center waiting for bus transportation back to his home. When the man attempted to board the bus, he fell and hit his head resulting in a serious brain injury. He died five days later.

In addition to facility’s failure to supervise the man, it was determined that the fall was also caused in part by an inadequately designed and unsafe curb ramp which violated building codes and posed clear risks of serious harm.

An adult day care is typically for providing health care services to seniors with a disability or illness who need partial or supplemental care and companionship during the day; not around-the-clock care. These centers are also offer social activities and meals. These adults need care as much as a child in a daycare setting.

When placing a loved one in an adult day care, you expect a safe environment. Unfortunately, many day care centers are understaffed or inadequately trained, which can result in negligence. If you or someone you love has suffered because of negligent daycare practices, you may be entitled to compensation.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries or death because an adult senior center or nursing home was negligent or failed to fulfill its care obligations, you may choose to speak to an attorney about your rights. Choosing the right attorney is a vitally important decision; Lawsuit Financial has excellent legal referral sources all over the country and our professional staff will locate you a top-notch legal specialist, in your city or state. This is a free service.

The financial and emotional roller coaster of a lawsuit is equally as painful as the loss. Victims do not want to conduct settlement negotiations when they are struggling, financially. If they do, they will, almost always, accept an offer that is less than full case value. Lawsuit Financial can assist victims and family members through the difficult financial issues facing them.

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