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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Results in $9M Award

If a loved one was fatally injured by the negligence or wrongdoing of another and you have filed a wrongful death lawsuit, you may be eligible for lawsuit funding as a cash advance against your future settlement. Many families need wrongful death lawsuit funding to help with the financial burden of medical expenses, lost wages and funeral expenses. With lawsuit funding, plaintiffs can obtain a larger settlement since they have time to fight for justice.

A $9 million lawsuit was recently settled out of court in the wrongful death of a man who died in a fiery accident after a truck driver had a seizure and drove into oncoming traffic. The truck driver experienced a prior seizure three weeks before the fatal accident although a physician allegedly cleared him to continue driving. The physician contends that he was not informed of the prior seizure. The U.S. Department of Transportation prohibits a truck driver from working for up to ten years if suspected of a seizure. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the victim’s sons.

The vast majority of wrongful death cases take longer than this one as it winds through the litigation process. All too often, the insurance companies will “delay, deny, confuse and refuse.” However, this may not always be the case; damage recovery does not always require a trial and jury verdict.

Even when a settlement can be reached in a year, plaintiffs can struggle financially. Whether you settle in or out of court, victims are often forced, by financial circumstances, to consider settlements too early and for too little. A lawsuit cash advance would allow you to get cope financially while awaiting a fair resolution. You won’t have to take an unreasonably low offer, just because you are desperate for cash now.

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