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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed In Girl’s Fatal Plunge

The parents of an 11-year-old Honors student filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Morey’s Mariner’s Landing Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey alleging that their daughter fell 150 feet to her death because the amusement park negligently operated the Ferris wheel under high wind conditions and with inadequate restraints. The suit also alleges that the amusement park was negligent for allowing the child to ride alone and for not properly informing her of safety procedures associated with the ride.

The ride has no lap belt or seat belt restraints, but each gondola is partially surrounded by steel bars and the doors open inward and latch from the outside. According to the ride’s manual, children older that 10 years of age and 54 inches in height are allowed to ride alone. The 11-year-old met both criteria.

Although the case is still under investigation, this amusement park accident does not appear to have been caused by any mechanical or operational error. However, operators will enact state recommendations for a minimum of two passengers per gondola, and will also increase the minimum height to ride without an adult from 54 inches to 60 inches. While the victim’s parents agree with the state’s new recommendations, they are urging for tougher guidelines including safety harness or restraint for all rides.

Morey’s or the manufacturer of the Ferris wheel could be found held liable if the operator of the ride did not follow safety protocol, or if it is determined that there was a defect with the ride. A complete investigation may be quite lengthy and this wrongful death case may take a long time to settle.

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