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Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Negligent Florida Daycare

A Florida family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against an in-home day care after a four-year-old child was left in a hot car for over two hours. The suit also alleges that the owner was conducting business in an overcrowded facility.

On August 1, the daycare owner instructed her 18-year-old daughter to remove seven children from the home because it was possible that state investigators would be visiting and she had previously been cited for being over-capacity. The teen drove the children across town to an apartment complex. She took six of the children inside, but left the four-year-old sleeping in the SUV. Paramedics attempted to revive the child before taking him to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

An obvious devastation, the family is wondering how it will pay for a funeral that never should have happened. No amount of money will ever replace the loss of a loved one, especially a young child who will never attend school, play sports, get married, raise a family, and grow old. Lawsuit funding can, however, help families through the most difficult times.

Pre-settlement funding may have been a solution to help this grief-stricken family. With lawsuit funding, the family can focus on healing, rather than calculating expenses or worrying about how they will pay their bills. The non-recourse cash advance can be used to pay funeral and burial expenses and other pressing bills while their lawyer seeks appropriate justice.
Litigation funding can be applied for and received months, even years, before a case is resolved. Qualification for funding is based solely on the merits of the lawsuit. A reputable company charges no upfront fees and no monthly payments; there are no credit checks or employment verifications. Best of all, if the plaintiff loses his/her case the lawsuit funding company relinquishes the cash advance; the plaintiff owes nothing.

Applying for pre-settlement funding is easy just a click of the mouse or a phone call away. After case-evaluation, if approved for a lawsuit cash advance, funds can be available within 24 – 48 hours. Call Lawsuit Financial or visit us online to find out how lawsuit funding can empower you to pursue your case to get the maximum settlement you deserve.

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