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Wrongful Arrest, Wrongful Prosecution, Wrongful Imprisonment-Lawsuit Funding May Assist

The police show up at your door. You ask “may I help you?” or “what’s this all about?” They announce that they have a warrant for your arrest for committing a crime. You must be the criminal, right? Wrong! Innocent people are often arrested, tried, and even convicted of crimes that they did not convict. Barry Scheck of O.J. Simpson fame even started a non-profit called the “Innocence Project” which uses DNA to establish the innocence of those wrongfully accused and convicted. Several citizens who have served long prison sentences have been released as a result of his project’s work.

This all too familiar scenario is on display in Fort Collins, Colorado, where Tim Masters was cleared, by advanced DNA evidence, of a murder after spending 10 years in prison and 20 years as a suspect.

Fortunately, the law recognizes the right to sue authorities for their abuse of power and negligence in wrongfully arresting and wrongfully imprisoning someone. The devastation of 20 years of suspicion and 10 years of incarceration for a crime that you did not commit is unimaginable. Lawsuit Financial is happy to report that the company provides necessities of life funding for victims of false arrest, wrongful prosecution, and/or false imprisonment. All that is required is a lawsuit and a good lawyer, which Tim Masters has, obviously, found in David Lane, of Denver, CO.

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