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Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Death of State Trooper Filed Against Drunk Driver And Bar That Served Him

With fatal auto accidents, lawsuits are often filed against a negligent driver, but in cases such as the following, a bar can be sued for a wrongful death caused by a drunk driver if there is evidence that the bar illegally served alcohol to the driver prior to the crash.

The husband of a Colorado state trooper killed in the line of duty has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver who hit her and the bar that allegedly served him alcohol while he was already visibly intoxicated.

Last November a driver hit the trooper as she was trying to wave him to pull over after citizen reports that he was driving drunk. Prosecutors said that after hitting the trooper, the man, a retired colonel with the U.S. Army, tried to hide evidence, including bottles. His blood-alcohol content was estimated at 0.199 percent at the time of the crash, nearly four times the legal impaired limit of .05 for drivers in Colorado. Reports stated that he was still legally drunk more than five hours after the crash.

The trooper left behind a husband and infant daughter. In June, the drunk driver was sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to vehicular homicide while driving under the influence and tampering with physical evidence, both felonies.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, including loss of income and benefits, grief, loss of companionship, impairment of quality of life and emotional pain in the past and future.

Losing a family member is devastating enough, but may also lead to financial devastation, especially during a pending lawsuit. The negligent driver is in prison and the bar will likely mount a vigorous defense; a settlement or trial could be months, if not years, away. If there comes a time when the family cannot financially wait to seek justice, litigation funding can help.

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