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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges Negligence by Health Care Facility

When placing a loved one in a health care facility to ensure their daily living needs are met, you expect a safe environment. Unfortunately, many facilities are understaffed or inadequately trained, which can result in negligence. If someone you love has suffered because of negligent care, you may be entitled to compensation.

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed last month against a West Virginia health care facility alleging reckless misconduct and wrongful death.

According to the complaint, a woman was admitted to the facility for rehabilitation and assistance with daily living. During her residency, she suffered multiple witnessed falls, complicated urinary tract infections with sepsis, and fecal impaction, which ultimately led to her death six months after arrival. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant:

  • failed to properly staff the facility.
  • failed to provide adequate supervision.
  • failed to provide basic needs like food, liquid, toileting, cleaning and assistance with activities of daily living.
  • failed to provide a safe environment to residents.

The plaintiff seeks trial by jury and compensation for mental pain, loss of companionship and incurred funeral expenses.

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