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Worker In Permanent Vegetative State After Scaffolding Accident

A construction worker plummeted to the ground when the scaffold he was standing on collapsed. His injuries resulted in severe head trauma and permanent disability. His wife filed a personal injury lawsuit on his behalf alleging that a safety line was not provided. The defendant stated that the worker was negligent by not wearing a safety hat.

Traumatic brain injuries are commonly seen as a result of falls from high points, or after being struck on the head by a heavy object. In a severe traumatic brain injury like this one, the victim remains in a vegetative or a minimally responsive state. The victim requires round-the-clock care for life. Medical expenses will be large and long-term care costly. Worker’s compensation cannot adequately compensate an injured worker for permanent losses and disability arising from a serious scaffold accident.

Although the plaintiff in this case was awarded $5,000,000, it was not easily won. Over the three year legal process, the family may have endured financial challenges to make ends meet. There are not only the day-to-day expenses, but mounting medical bills, long-term care, and the loss of wages.

In these situations, lawsuit funding may be available to help a family until a settlement or verdict is reached. Litigation funding is intended to help those in dire financial straits, those facing enormous bills as a result of serious injuries or loss of a loved one. Legal finance services help them handle their living expenses and medical bills until their case is resolved and prevents them from being forced to settle too soon for too little. Pre-settlement funding can be used in your favor so you can wait out the time for fair and just compensation. If you or someone you know sustained a serious injury in a scaffold accident and have concerns about paying medical expenses and other bills while waiting for your case to settle, a lawsuit cash advance may be your answer. Contact Lawsuit Financial; we may be able to provide the help you need.