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Worker Catapulted Over Forklift Settles Lawsuit

A worker sustained a jaw fracture and spinal injuries when he was catapulted from a forklift. According to a personal injury lawsuit, the man was ordered to ride on the back of the forklift to counterbalance the heavy load.

The man was part of a crew building a pole barn at the time of the accident. He said that the supervisor on the job instructed him to sit on the back of the Bobcat which was loaded with 2,780 pounds of steel. After the steel was elevated, the load slammed to the ground which launched the man in the air and over the top of the Bobcat. He landed face-first onto the pile of steel. The worker lost most of his teeth, and suffered multiple herniated discs in his spine, multiple rib fractures, a collapsed lung, and a traumatic brain injury. He underwent seven surgeries.

After a nine day trial, a settlement of $1 million was reached, the full value of the defendants’ insurance policy. The plaintiff declined to pursue compensation for economic damages resulting from his permanent injuries.

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