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Woman Slips into Coma after Hospital Fails to Detect Ectopic Pregnancy

A California wife, and mother of seven, was 12-weeks pregnant with her 8th child when she woke up on Valentine’s Day with severe abdominal pain. Her husband drove her to Anaheim Regional Medical Center where an ultrasound and some tests were performed. According to reports, the doctors told the expectant mother that she and her baby were find and the pain was “normal”. She was given a prescription of the painkiller, Percocet to alleviate the pain and told to rest. On their way home, her husband stopped at a local drugstore to fill the prescription. Upon returning to the car, he found that his wife unconscious and she had stopped breathing. Paramedics were immediately alerted and the woman was rushed back to Anaheim Regional Medical Center. After re-admission, it was discovered that the pain was due to a ruptured ectopic pregnancy which caused internal bleeding. Subsequently, she slipped into a coma the next day. As the 36-year-old woman remains in a coma in an intensive care unit, her family is demanding answers. The children range from 7-months-old to 18-years-old.

Ectopic pregnancy medical negligence claims often arise because doctors ignore the safe rule that lower abdominal pain in female patients of reproductive age, or those in the early stages of a pregnancy, may be due to an ectopic pregnancy until proved otherwise. While this family is surely struggling physically and emotionally, it is important to consult an attorney to determine if they have a valid case for a medical malpractice lawsuit. If the negligence of medical staff or hospital can be proved, the family may be entitled to monetary compensation.

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