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Woman Fall From Balcony; Sustains Serious Injuries

This accident took place at an Arizona Hooter’s restaurant. A female diner, sitting on a guardrail of the Hooters second story balcony, fell and was critically injured. Immediately after she fell, a bartender and an off duty paramedic rushed to her aid, finding her turning blue and without a pulse. They were able to revive her, despite internal bleeding; EMS crews arrived and transported her to hospital for further treatment.

There will be a full investigation into this accident and there are a number of questions that need answers. Had the bar over-served her alcohol? Was the railing faulty? Did it give way under her weight? Was the railing clearly marked as too dangerous to sit on?
When this woman finally leaves the hospital, she may wish to consult with an attorney about filing a personal injury lawsuit, particularly if she was served drinks past the legal limit and/or if the railing was faulty. In any event, speaking to a personal injury lawyer would be a good idea in order for her to find out what her rights are.

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