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Woman Suffers Stroke and Brain Damage While Hospitalized to Give Birth

Two people are suing several medical care providers, alleging medical negligence resulted in the patient suffering a stroke, ultimately resulting in a permanent brain injury.

The complaint filed on December 29, alleges a medical center, physician group, and several related corporate entities failed to provide proper care to the mother-to-be while she was hospitalized to give birth. The suit alleges that the woman suffered a stroke and serious physical injuries, including permanent brain injury. The defendants are accused of negligence for failing to rule out preeclampsia, failing to obtain an ultrasound, failing to adequately treat hypertension and failing to deliver the baby in a timely manner. The complaint also alleges failure to diagnose and treat a hypertensive crisis.

The plaintiffs request a trial by jury and seek judgment against the defendants in an amount greater than $50,000.

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