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Woman Files Lawsuit against Motor Carrier over Husband’s Death

Tiredness and fatigue can often affect one’s driving long before it is noticeable. In such cases, accidents are often more serious because reaction times are delayed or the driver fails to react at all. When a tractor trailer is involved, the results are even more devastating due to the weight and size of the truck. If a trucker drives beyond the regulated hours and fatigue sets in or he falls asleep behind the wheel, the driver and the trucking company may be liable for the accident.

A West Virginia woman filed a lawsuit against a commercial motor carrier and one of its drivers, alleging negligence resulted in the death of her husband.

According to the lawsuit, the commercial truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel, lost control, and struck the victim’s car. The plaintiff also alleges that the defendants failed to properly and adequately inspect the truck to ensure that the tires were safe and negligently placed the truck into service even when the treads were excessively worn. She seeks a trial by jury and compensation medical, funeral and burial expenses, lost earnings and loss of companionship.

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