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Withstand the Appeals Process with Lawsuit Funding

Your lawsuit finally made it through a trial. You fought and you prevailed; the jury awarded in your favor. Congratulations! You can finally move on. Or can you?

Winning a hard-fought lawsuit can be a big relief for plaintiffs. Unfortunately, most plaintiffs do not understand that when they win their case at trial, it may not be the end of the road. What happens when the defense and insurance companies decide to appeal the verdict? The payout to the plaintiff is delayed and they are basically starting all over again; it could be another year or longer for a resolution. When the defense employs this delay tactic, what is the plaintiff to do if all finances have been exhausted, but bills must be paid?

When a judgment has been made, but an appeal prevents you from the money you need now, consider lawsuit funding. This non-recourse cash advance can help pay the mortgage, rent, medical expenses, and daily household bills, while your attorney works hard to successfully settle your case, a second time.

Applying for an appeal lawsuit cash advance requires no upfront fees, credit checks, or monthly payments. With an experienced staff that absolutely recognizes your individual situation, Lawsuit Financial promises to do everything we can to get you the financial assistance you need. Our funding is 100% risk free, meaning you only repay us when your case is won and the settlement is paid. If the case is ultimately lost, you keep the advance with no further obligation. Visit us online to begin the application process or call us for a free, no-obligation consultation.