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Why You Might Need Lawsuit Funding After An Auto Accident

An auto accident can leave you with serious injuries and prevent you from returning to work. It can also leave you struggling financially especially if the case does not settle quickly.

Most plaintiffs do not have the deep pockets of big corporations and insurance companies. They can’t afford to wait forever for a settlement without feeling some financial stress. Savings may dwindle to nothing and home foreclosure may be imminent. Accepting an early settlement is very tempting especially as litigation drags on.

While it is nearly impossible to plan for a tragic incident, injury victims should never be forced to accept minimal settlements because of pressing personal financial needs. Instead, victims can stay financially afloat while waiting for a fair case settlement with a lawsuit cash advance, known as lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance for personal injury plaintiffs based purely on the strength of the lawsuit. The money is meant to help plaintiffs with medical expenses, car payments, mortgage payments, and other necessities, although there are no restriction as to how the money is used.

In order to be considered for funding, a plaintiff must complete a free, online application or call our office. We will review the application along with case documentation from the plaintiff’s attorney to determine if the case has merit; employment status and credit history are irrelevant. Upon approval, funds can be deposited directly into the plaintiff’s bank account or sent via overnight mail within 24- 48 hours. There are no monthly payments to be made; we are only repaid once the case successfully settles. Should the plaintiff lose the case, repayment is completely waived. It really is this simple!

If you are in a personal injury lawsuit and feeling the financial crunch, don’t become desperate and accept a settlement that is less than case value. Lawsuit funding has helped thousands of plaintiffs overcome financial pressures and it may be able to help you, too. Click here to apply or call Lawsuit Financial toll-free at 877-377-7848.