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Why Plaintiffs Should Tap Into Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Many plaintiffs with a personal injury lawsuit face financial challenges during an already stressful time. Because most plaintiffs do not have deep pockets like big businesses, hospitals, and insurance companies; they can’t afford to wait forever for a settlement without feeling some financial stress. The combination of mounting medical expenses, loss of income, poor credit, with few options can be devastating. When this happens, a plaintiff will typically press their attorney to accept any offer, even one that is obviously far less than full compensation. This is what the defense attorney banks on; they will typically deny, delay, and defend the claim in hopes that a plaintiff will settle too soon, for much less than the case is worth. While a difficult situation, it’s important for plaintiffs to review and research their options. Before a plaintiff “buys” into the defendant’s scheme, he/she should consider a no-risk alternative – lawsuit settlement funding.

The legal finance industry grew out of a need to help plaintiffs stay financially healthy during a pending lawsuit. Most plaintiffs waiting for their case to settle endure a long and sometimes drawn out litigation process. This wait can last many months, sometimes years. Lawsuit settlement funding can help rescue these plaintiffs who have exhausted all other resources. Funding can be used for whatever the plaintiff needs; no strings attached, but is typically for living expenses, mortgage payments, auto payments, and other pressing bills. There are no credit checks, employment history verifications, or monthly payments; funding is based purely on the strength of the lawsuit.

Receiving funding from Lawsuit Financial is a simple, three-step process. First, the plaintiff will complete an online application. Next, one of our representatives will request case documentation from the plaintiff’s attorney in order to review the case. If approved, a contract will be prepared and fully executed by the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s attorney. Within 24 – 48 hours, funds will be wired directly into the plaintiff’s bank account. We only request repayment if, and when, the case settles in the plaintiff’s favor. If the case is lost, no money is repaid.

Don’t fall behind on your bills or risk foreclosure just because your case is taking a long time to settle. Lawsuit Financial can help turn the tables on the defendant and give you enough money to hold out for the largest, most appropriate settlement your attorney can negotiate. What are you waiting for? Call now or visit us online.