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Who Is Responsible? How Will A Plaintiff Get By? Lawsuit Funding to the Rescue!

Some lawsuits are difficult; surprisingly enough, it isn’t always clear who should be sued. Faced with a situation like that, most lawyers will sue everyone involved; there is a good reason for that strategy, if they don’t sue everyone, those who were sued will blame those who weren’t, pokes holes in plaintiff’s arguments and the case could be severely damaged or lost.

Consider this car accident in which a young girl is badly injured. She and her significant other were on the highway in snowy conditions. They came across a car stopped in the middle of the road; it should have been off on the shoulder, but it wasn’t. Traffic began to stop behind the couple. A few seconds later an 18-wheeler rear ended the last car, crushing it into the first car. The young girl will never be able to work again. No fault insurance is depleted in this serious automobile accident lawsuit.

Should all of the drivers in this case be sued? The trucker was driving without due care and attention; the first car’s driver abandoned a car in the middle of the road and created a hazard; the boyfriend could have pulled his car on to the shoulder. Of course, they are be sued because to not include someone would shift the blame to an “empty chair” in the court room.

This is the type of multiple party, multiple cause lawsuit will, invariably, take a long time to wind its way through the courts or to even come to some kind of a fair settlement. The more parties there are in lawsuits, the more time is needed to prove the extent of each one’s negligence and/or apportion culpability. Meanwhile, a once vibrant, young lady can no longer work; she is barely making ends meet. She struggles to pay her bills. Her whole life was ripped apart in the blink of an eye. She has no other income and her family lacks the means to provide assistance. She faces a mountain of medical bills and is totally disabled.

This is a prime situation for litigation funding; a “lawsuit loan” will remove or eliminate financial pressure to settle too early for too little and permit her to wait for a fair and equitable settlement or verdict. If she is forced to settle her lawsuit early because of financial pressure, she will sacrifice a significant sum of money, sorely needed money that she will need to survive in the future, without the ability to work. She is already in financial straights; she is just managing to keep things together; her funds are running out quickly. Lawsuit funding is often available after one phone call. One call to 1-877-377-SUIT may provide the solution. Legal finance services often provide a quick, prompt answer to a plaintiff’s prayers. Lawsuit funding from Lawsuit Financial will often allow a seriously injured plaintiff to hold on financially until a settlement is reached or a verdict is rendered.

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