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When You Fall On Tough Times After A Slip and Fall Accident, Consider Lawsuit Funding

Are you suffering financially because you were seriously injured in a slip and fall accident? Have you hire a lawyer to seek just compensation for your loss? If you answered “yes” to these questions, Lawsuit Financial may be able to help with your short-term expenses until a settlement is reached.

A slip and fall accident typically occurs when an owner failed to keep the environment safe. They can occur practically anywhere: a hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, grocery store, or at someone’s home. Common causes include:

• Wet or foreign substance on floor • Failure to properly mark a dangerous area (i.e. a “wet floor” signs)
• Damaged or defective stairs or uneven sidewalks • Defective handrails • Poor lighting • Torn or loose carpeting • Failure to remove and snow
When someone is seriously injured from a fall and files a claim or lawsuit, it is usually filed against the property owner for negligence. It is not uncommon for a slip and fall case to take several years to reach its conclusion; there are many factors to consider when determining fault and extensive medical treatment can further delay the process. While all of this is occurring, plaintiffs often endure financial stress. The inability to work compounds the financial strain. That is where lawsuit funding can help.

Lawsuit funding can ease the financial burden and allow the slip and fall victim to stay the course until a settlement is reached. Funding is based on the strength of the case and anticipated proceeds of the future settlement or jury award. The funding process is quick and easy beginning with a one-page application. Once received, Lawsuit Financial will forward a request for information to your attorney. Upon evaluating the information, if your case is approved, we can wire transfer the cash advance into your bank account or send funds overnight mail. A lawsuit cash advance from us is completely contingent upon the outcome of your case; you only repay us back if your case is concluded successfully. If you don’t win, you keep the money we gave you free of charge; there is absolutely no repayment!

Rather than forcing your attorney to settle too early for too little, let Lawsuit Financial provide the money you need to wait now to get the settlement you deserve. Complete an online lawsuit funding application or call 1-877-377-7848 for more information.