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When Victims Of Nursing Home Negligence Seek Justice, Lawsuit Financial Can Offer Support

Nursing home neglect or abuse can happen at any facility. Often times, “neglect or abuse” results from the simple lack of interest by nursing home staff. When a loved one dies because of nursing home negligence, the family may be entitled to compensation for medical costs, funeral and burial expenses, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against a Marysville, Washington nursing home alleging negligence and inadequate care. According to the suit, an 85-year-old man became dehydrated and malnourished shortly after being admitted to the nursing home. He fell numerous times and also developed bed sores and MRSA. He was transferred to the hospital where he subsequently died from his injuries.

An Illinois woman had made a decision to move her mother to another nursing home because of numerous problems. Sadly, she never got the chance. Her mother was one of six patients rushed to the hospital on Feb. 3, 2015, after they were allegedly sedated by a nurse. The woman died the next day; an autopsy revealed toxic levels of morphine and hydrocodone. The family said she was taking hydrocodone for back pain, but was never prescribed any morphine. The case remains open, however the family has pursued a wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home and the nurse. A police source with knowledge of the investigation reportedly said that it was believed that the patients were sedated to lighten the workload while the facility was understaffed on the day after a snow storm. There is also evidence of inadequate record keeping at the nursing home, in terms of controlled substances.

The financial and emotional roller coaster of a lawsuit is equally as painful as the loss. Victims do not want to conduct settlement negotiations when they are struggling, financially. If they do, they will, almost always, accept an offer that is less than full case value. At Lawsuit Financial, we extend financial assistance to plaintiffs strapped for cash during the processing of their legal claims. This type of help is known as non-recourse lawsuit funding. There are no upfront fees, monthly payments, credit checks or employment verifications. Furthermore, repayment is only made once the case successfully settles. If the case is lost, we are not repaid. All that is need to be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance, is attorney representation and a strong case.

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