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When Personal Injury Clients Need Fast Cash, Attorneys Recommend Lawsuit Funding

Many times plaintiffs will contact their attorney desperate to settle a case when there seems to be no other option to pay the bills. Personal injury attorneys know this is not in a plaintiffs’ best interest, but what can they do? One option would be for the plaintiffs to contact their creditors and request deferment of debt until the case is settled. If the plaintiff’s home, health, or daily needs are in jeopardy, attorneys may suggest that their client contact a litigation funding company.

Lawsuit funding fills a critical financial need for seriously injured victims in a pending claim that could take many months or years to resolve. Unlike a traditional bank loan, obtaining lawsuit funding requires no credit check, no employment verification, and no monthly payments. The lawsuit cash advance is based completely on the strength of the case. Furthermore, if there is no recovery, the plaintiff keeps the cash advance and pays nothing to the funding company.

If you are a plaintiff in a pending lawsuit and would like to learn more, call our office at 1-877-377-7848; our staff will answer all of your questions. Having a clear understanding of the litigation funding process will help you choose the right funding company. Once you have decide which company best fits your needs, an application can be taken over the phone or online. In most instances, an answer will be available within 24 – 48 hours after receiving necessary documentation from your attorney.

Lawsuits are stressful enough; don’t worry about how you will pay the bills and don’t rush to settle your case just because you need the money. Consult with your attorney and then contact us. It cost nothing to see if you qualify for lawsuit funding.