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When Creditors Call, Let Lawsuit Funding Answer

“Thank you for the lawsuit cash advance. It was a great help with overdue needs and bills that have arisen while out of work due to my accident.” ~ Eric G

Often times, plaintiff in a personal injury case must wait months, even years for their case to settle and to receive monetary compensation. No problem if you are as wealthy as the insurance company who is delaying, denying, and defending the claim. Let’s face it, most plaintiffs are not wealthy and serious injuries could mean loss of income. Loss of income means falling behind on personal financial obligations such as mortgage/rent payments, car payments and monthly utility bills. Creditors will not wait until your case settles, so what can you do?

Many personal injury victims end up settling their case too quickly and for less than they could have received simply because they could not wait any longer for justice to be served. Insurance companies know this and force early settlements often at a fraction of the true value of the case. A lawsuit cash advance can provide money and peace of mind until justice is served. It can be the difference between paying the mortgage or facing eviction. Another benefit to lawsuit funding is that it can give a plaintiff and their attorney the time needed for the legal process to run its course and full potential case value realized.

Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance based on case merit and expected outcome. Basically, if a case is approved for funding, there are no payments until a settlement is reached. If the case is lost, there is no obligation to repay the cash advance.

We cannot remove the emotional burden that is caused by a serious personal injury, but we can reduce the financial one. Within 24 hours of receiving your application, we will fax your attorney a request for case information to help our underwriters consider your funding request. If approved, we will prepare the contract for your signature. Upon receipt of the executed contract, we will wire transfer or overnight delivery your cash advance. If you have a personal injury case and immediate financial needs, a call to Lawsuit Financial may be the answer.