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When Auto Meets Auto, Results May be Serious Personal Injury

When car meets car, or auto meets auto, the results may often by serious personal injury to some or all involved.

The plaintiff in this automobile accident case happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and in the process, wound up with some severe personal injuries. The plaintiff was was driving northbound on the highway, when another car, turned left in front of him. He could not avoid the turning vehicle and the two collided. The resulting smash up caused some pretty serious to the plaintiff.

The injured driver did the smart thing; he contacted a personal injury attorney to handle his case, and a lawsuit was filed. The plaintiff’s losses included lost wages and employee benefits, mental anguish, significant medical bills, serious physical pain and suffering, permanent disability, diminished mobility and the loss of ability to do everyday tasks. The complaint alleges that the turning driver was negligent in the following particulars: Failure to yield the right of way, failure to watch for oncoming traffic, reckless and/or careless driving.

Resolving cases like this is a lengthy process; while this case appears to favor the plaintiff, success or failure often turns on the evidence proffered during the legal process of discovery. Whether the case win or loses, is settled or tried to a verdict, is a question that will be answered after significant case development and time.

How does a plaintiff in this physical and financial circumstance make ends meet while the litigation drags on? He will, obviously, be in a serious financial bind; he is not able to work, has additional medical and prescription expenses, and he still has his regular expenses, mortgage, car, utilities, and other bills and expenses.

One answer is lawsuit funding; if a plaintiff qualifies, in exchange for an interest in his potential case recovery, he can pay all of his past due bills right away. If he is approved, the money will be in his hands within 24-48 hours and no credit check is necessary. Litigation funding is based on the quality of the case, not on the credit standing of the plaintiff. Used strategically, to prevent settling a case too early for too little, lawsuit funding will not only solve a plaintiff’s immediate financial problems, but it will increase the value of his/her case.

Choose an experienced, professionally owned legal finance company. It is easy to apply. Imagine being able to pay all of your bills now, and in the future, with the luxury of being able to wait for a just verdict or settlement. A lawsuit cash advance provides litigation plaintiffs with the cash they need now, to await a fair settlement later.

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