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Wheelchair Bound Man Hit By Suspected Drunk Driver

A personal injury is that life-changing moment when you are seriously injured as the result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. That can’t be further from the truth for a 45-year-old Dallas man.

Born with no arms and no legs, he has been wheelchair bound all his life. Last month, as he was crossing the street, the man was hit by a suspected drunken driver. The car then hit a tree and utility pole before flipping over. The man in the wheelchair suffered serious injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital. Doctors believe his wheelchair absorbed the brunt of the crash and may have saved his life, but his $25,000 motorized wheelchair was destroyed and his prosthetic legs valued at $10,000 were crushed. The suspected drunk driver was arrested. Records showed that he had been previously arrested for a variety of drug charges however, there are no report of him having been involved in any prior auto-pedestrian accidents.

Although someone has offered to donate a used replacement chair, the victim has no idea how he will replace his prosthetic legs. He should consult a personal injury attorney to discuss potential civil litigation. A civil lawsuit is filed for compensation and is separate and distinct from any criminal proceedings filed against the drunk. Damages may include medical bills, a prosthetic legs, a new wheelchair, lost wages because of inability to work or impaired function, rehabilitation, therapy and more. In addition to the drunk driver, any bar, restaurant, etc. that may have continued serving the man who was “physically intoxicated” may be held liable under dram shop laws.

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