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What to do After an Auto Accident

Do you remember your first auto accident? Did you know what to do? Are you one of the fortunate ones never been in an accident? Would you know what to do in the event that you were? Hopefully, you won’t be in an auto accident, but being prepared will help your react in a calmer manner. Here is a list of tips for how to react after an auto accident.

1. Stay at the scene of the car accident. Leaving could result in a traffic ticket or worse if someone is hurt. If you are obstructing traffic, pull off the road if it is safe to do so. Use your hazard lights.

2. Check for Injuries. Make sure you, any passengers in your vehicle, and those in other vehicles are not injured. If anyone is injured, call 911. Help an injured party if you can.

3. React with caution and stay calm. Think responsibly and rationally. Stay calm so you can handle the situation and help others in need.
Call the Police. Call the police after any car accident, even minor low impact collisions. You may need to fill out a police report, which can help your auto insurance claim.

4. Gather auto insurance and other important information from others involved in the accident.
• Name, Address, Phone Number
• Auto insurance phone numbers and policy information
• Driver’s license number
• Car license plate number, make/model, and color of car
• Verify who was driving and if there were passengers in the vehicle.

5. Consult Witnesses. Get names and phone numbers from witnesses to the car accident. Write down their account of the accident.

6. Log Damages and Injuries. Document all injuries and inspect your car for damages. Logging damages and injuries right away helps your claim, and helps prevent fraudulent reports.

7. Identify the Time and Location. When and where did the accident occur? What was the speed limit? What were the road conditions?
Record the Car Accident Details. Jot down every detail you can recall for the police report.

8. Call the Auto Insurance. Report the auto accident to your car insurance company as soon as possible. Keep track of claim numbers and representative names.

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