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What is Negligence? Part 2

Nursing home negligence is not negligence just because a patient develops bedsores; it includes the failure to provide basic necessities such as water, food, medication, and protection from health and safety risks. Negligence can also result from falls, broken hips, bed sores, malnutrition, dehydration, and improper care of injuries which may lead to serious complications, even death.

Bed sores are a typical example of conditions that are relatively easy to prevent but far too common in many nursing centers. Seniors can develop bed sores at a higher frequency due to inactivity, the thinning of skin, poor circulation, and malnutrition.

A perfect example is a case in which a pregnant woman was severely injured while riding in an ambulance. The ambulance driver was found negligent; he was not only speeding, but distracted while reaching for a tracking device that had fallen on the floor of the vehicle. The innocent victim was left with lifelong disabilities – a traumatic brain injury and a severed spinal cord. Her baby was born prematurely, but fortunately survived despite weighing less than 3 pounds.

Mr. Bello, founder and CEO of Lawsuit Financial, a personal injury lawyer for 25 years before going into the lawsuit funding business, said, “Nursing home negligence and abuse can be a hidden, and victims are often not capable of expressing pain or reporting the neglect or abuse on their own. Therefore, it is important for family members watch for signs or symptoms of abuse.”

• Unusual weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration
• Untreated physical problems such as bed sores
• Unsanitary conditions such as soiled bedding and clothes
• Unsuitable clothing or covering for the weather
• Unsafe living conditions such as no heat or faulty wiring
• Lack of supervision by nursing home staff
• Multiple injuries such as fractured hips and broken bones

Mr. Bello believes nursing home negligence is often times the result of overworked employees, but that is no excuse for neglect.

If you or a loved one suffered physical or emotional injuries because a nursing home was negligent or failed to fulfill its care obligations to you and your family, you may have grounds for a nursing home negligence case. It is important to seek advice from an attorney experienced in nursing home neglect and abuse. If you need assistance finding a reputable attorney in your area, contact Lawsuit Financial. We can help you locate an experienced attorney in your area from our nationwide database; this service is at no cost. Isn’t it time to hold nursing home accountable for neglect and abuse?