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What Is Lawsuit Funding And Where Do You Get It?

You were seriously injured in an auto accident and are now unable to work, have no other source of income, and no savings built up. You have a pending lawsuit, but that may take months, even years to settle. Costly medical treatment has left you financially devastated. The deep-pocket insurance company made a low-ball offer and is dragging its feet, forcing you deeper and deeper in debt. The company is hoping you will exhaust your limited disposable income, which, in turn, will force you to settle the case, too soon for too little. You try to wait out the legal process, but financial pressures keep building; you have medical bills, mortgage payments, car payments, and other monthly bills. You don’t qualify for a bank loan and an absolute obligation to repay scares you because you might lose the case. So, you must settle you case for the inadequate offer, right? Wrong!

Lawsuit funding, a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance against a pending lawsuit, is an available option. Pre-settlement funding can be applied for and received months, even years, before your case is resolved. With lawsuit funding, a plaintiff receives a lawsuit cash advance on his/her projected settlement to help with financial issues – mortgage payments, car payments, medical expenses, funeral expenses, and monthly bills – as the case proceeds. Qualification for this type of funding is based solely on the merits of the lawsuit. A reputable company charges no upfront fees and no monthly payments; there are no credit checks or employment verifications. Best of all, if the plaintiff loses his/her case the lawsuit funding company relinquishes the cash advance; the plaintiff owes nothing. Lawsuit funding provides the plaintiff with immediate cash so his/her attorney has time to negotiate a fair settlement. There is no reason to settle for less than what your lawsuit case is worth; lawsuit funding is truly a risk-free option.

If you are embroiled in litigation and struggling with your finances, a lawsuit cash advance may be the perfect solution. It can mean the difference between settling cheap, giving up and/or losing your case-or hanging in there and receiving the settlement you deserve. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage because of financial obligations. Call Lawsuit Financial or visit us online for a free, no obligation consultation. Find out how lawsuit funding can empower you to pursue your case to get the maximum settlement you deserve.