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Weather Related or Something Else?

While Utah is famous for its snow during the winter, it has been known to cause bad accidents. However, one has to wonder if there is more at play in this recent accident than just bad weather. All things being equal, there could have been alcohol and/or drugs involved, poor maintenance of one of the vehicles, reckless driving or using a cell phone while driving in a storm. Stranger things have happened, like the truck driver who struck and killed a woman while driving as a was watching a porn movie on his laptop.

In this case, five people were badly injured as the result of a head-on collision; it was a domino effect chain reaction that saw three different vehicles wind up in a twisted mass on the highway just outside of Salt Lake City. There were three men in a pickup truck; the indicated that the driver wanted to make a left hand turn off the highway. Apparently he either wasn’t looking where he was going, or was distracted; as a result, he collided with an oncoming car. To add insult to injury, seconds later, another vehicle rear ended the vehicle that was initially hit by the truck.

The police mentioned poor visibility in their report; poor visibility also prevented the MediVac helicopter from transporting the victims to medical care. They were taken by ground to the nearest hospital. The four casualties were listed in serious to critical condition; a fifth victim only suffered minor injuries and was released by the hospital.

On the surface, this accident may have been caused by bad weather, but the whole accident scene needs to be investigated to assure that this was the case. If there was alcohol, drugs, faulty tires, a cracked drive shaft or excessive speed for the prevailing conditions, this case will take a much different turn. Either way, the woman who was hit and injured by the pickup truck is entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Given the nature of this type of accident and the fact that there are multiple vehicles and victims, this will be a difficult case to pursue in our legal system. It will, likely, take months, even years, to resolve. The injured woman (and any other victim who chose to sue) would have to try and pay for all her medical expenses, certain lost wages or a potential loss in pay, possible loss of her job if she is temporarily or totally disabled. She will also have to deal with the cost of any and all prescriptions, a replacement vehicle, her mortgage or rent; the list goes on and on.

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