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Warehouse Injury Ends in Reasonable Jury Award

A man was awarded $617k in a personal injury lawsuit due to injuries he sustained while on the job. According to the lawsuit, the man was delivering paper to a business. He claimed that his ankle was crushed under supplies that fell from a pallet jack being operated by a worker at the company he was delivering to. The plaintiff alleged that he was injured due the employee’s negligence. He also alleged that the company was negligent in failing to provide proper training to its employees in the use of a pallet jack, failing to properly supervise those employees, and was not OSHA certified to use pallet jacks. OSHA certification was a mandated provision for power industrial truck operators. The jury, after hearing all of the evidence, awarded the plaintiff $950,000. The jury attributed 35% negligence to the plaintiff and the award was reduced accordingly.

The plaintiff underwent two surgeries to repair torn tendons, and he also needed extensive physical therapy. Due to his injuries, he was out of work for months. The medical bills in this case were quite extensive and with lost wages, the plaintiff, likely, have been struggling to pay his bills. One way to resolve his financial dilemma without sacrificing his case for pennies on the dollar was to apply for lawsuit funding.

Here’s how it works: The litigation funding company will look at your case, and if the company believes that the case has merit, it will advance a portion of the expected settlement to the plaintiff. A lawsuit cash advance can be used for any reason you choose; however, it is recommended that it be used to meet your important necessities, living expenses like mortgage, rent, utilities, car payments, food, or to assist with outstanding medical bills resulting from injuries caused by the accident. The lawsuit funding company assumes all the risks. If the plaintiff loses the case, he/she owes nothing.

If you have a pending personal injury lawsuit settlement and your bills are piling up, consider pre-settlement funding. It is simple to apply for legal finance online or in person. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. Reducing the financial pressure to settle your valuable case too soon for too little compensation will help you increase your case results. So, before you consider accepting a low offer from the insurance company, you owe it to yourself to contact the lawsuit funding experts. The call is free; the advice is priceless.

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