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Volkswagen Meets Passenger Van: One Dead, Five Injured

This was a two vehicle automobile accident between a passenger van and a Volkswagen. One died and five others were seriously injured when the driver of the VW, travelling north, veered on to the shoulder of the highway. The sudden change in road surfaces caused her to lose control of the car and wind up in the southbound lane, spinning in a counter clockwise direction. While the vehicle was spinning, it slammed into the van, owned and operated by a church.

When EMS crews arrived at the scene, they were able to take the vast majority of the victims to hospital. However, the VW driver’s injuries were so severe that she was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The other five victims have injuries ranging in severity from minor contusions to possible neck and back injuries.

According to police reports, no one knows why the woman veered her VW onto the shoulder or what she may have doing just prior to the accident. There is speculation drugs or alcohol may have been involved; perhaps she was engaged in other distracting behavior like utilizing her mobile phone for conversation or texting. A full investigation will certainly be launched. In the meantime, the four other people injured will likely consult with a personal injury attorney about their legal rights in this situation.

Because there are several prospective plaintiffs, and only one defendant and insurance policy, recovery will depend upon the severity of the injuries and the amount of insurance available to the group of five. This will take considerable legal expertise and, perhaps, multiple attorneys. It will take considerable time to resolve these claims arising from this accident. Those who retain attorney(s) may need to consider litigation funding to make ends meet while awaiting justice in the courts. Lawsuit funding is easy to apply for; it only takes a few minutes to complete an application online or on the phone. Within as little as 24-48 hours, the lawsuit cash advance will arrive by check or by wire.

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