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Veteran Claims Medical Negligence Caused Frostbitten Penis

An Army veteran filed a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging that a Veterans Administration (VA) nurse packed his penis in ice for 19 hours following penile implant and circumcision. The suit contends that her negligence caused frostbite and gangrene, ultimately leading to the organ’s partial amputation; he will need reconstructive surgery allowing him to urinate.

The veteran initially sought compensation under the Federal Tort Claims Act, a civil procedure which requires a person to file a claim with the government and prevents them from suing until the claim is resolved. When the VA office declined the claim, the man sought legal council and filed the medical malpractice suit.

Pursuing justice is not just about the compensation. This victim has been robbed of his manhood; he can’t urinate without additional surgery. It wasn’t until the VA denied his claim that this innocent victim sought legal advice and filed a lawsuit. Undoubtedly, the VA will continue to deny, delay, and defend. In doing so, this innocent veteran may face undeserving financial hardship. If that is the case, he may be eligible for lawsuit funding; a lawsuit cash advance to help pay his medical expenses and other pressing bills.

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