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Vehicles Don’t Have a Chance Against the “Big Yellow Bus”, but Victims Might With Lawsuit Funding

For the majority of the year, motorists share the road with those big yellow buses, one of the largest and safest public transit systems in the country, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Nonetheless, 15,000 – 20,000 children will end up in the ER yearly due to school bus-related injuries. While we constantly place significant focus on school bus safety, what about vehicles competing for space on our roads?

Two girls were killed when the vehicle in which they were passengers was struck by a school bus. The bus was heading west when an eastbound passenger car made a left turn in front of it. The driver of the car was seriously injured; no one was hurt on the bus. The accident is still under investigation.

School buses typically have lower incident rates on highways and roads than other vehicles. While such an accident is uncommon, it is a reminder that in any car-versus-bus accident, the car is likely to lose. It is also a reminder that after seeking medical treatment, it is important to consultant an auto accident attorney to determine if you have the right to compensation.

In auto accident cases such as this one, the victim’s families can seek compensation for their loss, but it could be a long process between the final investigation report and a settlement. Some may experience financial duress due to funeral and burial. Lawsuit funding is an option to prevent victims from settling too soon and for too little.

Lawsuit funding is a cash advance against your lawsuit. There are no upfront fees, no monthly payments, no credit checks, and no-risk; repayment is only made if, and when, you win your case. The funding process is quick and simple; we can get you a cash advance within 24 hours of receiving your case documentation. It cost absolutely nothing for a case evaluation. If approved, Lawsuit Financial can have the funds wired into your bank account within 24 – 48 hours. When the bills and expenses are covered, it is much easier to fight for justice to be served.