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U-Turn on Interstate Injures Seven

You’ve got to wonder how certain people got or retain their drivers licenses. This automobile accident resulted when a 1998 Dodge van, heading north on Interstate 90/39, made an illegal U-Turn and was struck by an oncoming Jeep. The van careened off the side of the road, clipped the 157 mile marker post, continued on another 200 feet and smashed into a fence before coming to a halt in a swampy area.

The van’s 70-year old driver was badly injured, as were the six kids he had with him in the van, ranging in age from 4 to 14 years old. What was he thinking? Who knows? Surprisingly, the Jeep driver fled the scene and has not been found as of this writing. All the van’s occupants were taken to hospital for various undisclosed injuries.

The van driver was negligent, perhaps grossly negligent and the families of the injured children may want to talk to a personal injury lawyer who specializes in automobile accident cases and find out what their rights are and how to obtain compensation for injuries, pain and suffering and medical bills.

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