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Understanding the Benefits of Lawsuit Funding is as Quick as Receiving Lawsuit Funding

The litigation process is often slow and many plaintiffs can’t afford to wait for a fair settlement. When there seems to be no alternative, but to settle for less than case value, plaintiffs should consider lawsuit funding.

The underlying advantage of lawsuit funding is to help plaintiffs overcome financial pressures and wait for the full settlement they deserve. The cash advance is typically used to pay necessary bills and expenses – mortgage or rent, utility bills, medical expenses, or daily household expenses. Qualifying for funding is based exclusively on the quality of the case.

The Benefits of Lawsuit:
• No monthly payments
• No credit checks
• No employment verification
• Funds available in as little as 24 hours
• Risk-free funding; repayment only if, and when, you win

How to Receive Lawsuit Funding:
• Complete a simple, online application
• Notify your attorney so we can receive case documentation
• If approved, sign a contract defining terms of the funding agreement
• Identify where we should mail or wire the funds

Fighting for fair compensation with the help of Lawsuit Financial is just that easy. If you are a plaintiff struggling to make ends meet while waiting for you lawsuit to settle, you may only have two options – settle for less than case value or seek assistance from the legal funding experts at Lawsuit Financial.