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Two Vehicle Wreck Leave Three Seriously Injured

This particular automobile accident seems to be a case of one driver’s negligence and the other driver being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It involved a sport utility vehicle and a Mazda Miata. The driver of the Miata, a 58 year old woman from Winter Haven, Florida, slammed into an SUV carrying two local police officers who were on their way to work.

Eyewitness reports showed that the Miata was westbound on a Boulevard at the same time the SUV Jeep was headed east on the same road. The police officers were driving the SUV Jeep. The driver of the Miata made a left turn directly in front of the oncoming Jeep. The vehicles collided with such force that the Jeep’s driver was ejected.

Emergency medical crews responded; paramedics took those with the least serious injuries to the nearest hospital. The Jeep’s driver was flown by medi-copter to a different hospital where he was listed in critical condition and suffering severe injuries. Whether or not the two police officers were wearing seat belts is not known. Local police are investigating this accident and need to know the answer to several pertinent questions before they are able to ascertain who was at fault and what precisely happened.

On the surface, it appears that the Miata turned left in front of the Jeep, causing the collision. But several questions still need to be answered; were one or both of the vehicles speeding? What were the road conditions? Were there any mechanical defects in either vehicle? Were all traffic signs and signals observed and obeyed by the involved parties?

The ejected, seriously injured police officer may have sustained life-altering injuries, severe enough that he may not be able to work again. He may have suffered a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, crushed or broken legs or arms and back injuries or be paralyzed. Time will tell, and when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit, his damages could be substantial. An attorney should be retained and a lawsuit pursued before the applicable statute of limitations expires.

And, while the officer waits for a conclusion to the litigation, he will, likely, face financial difficulty balancing disability (permanent or temporary) with extraordinary medical expenses and ordinary living expenses. In cases like this, lawsuit funding provides immediate financial assistance, relieves financial pressure to settle too early for too little and permits him to wait for appropriate justice in the case. Automobile accidents are, by far, the number one reason people seek an experienced, professional lawsuit funding company.

Litigation funding is easy to access; approvals are often accomplishment with funds in hand within 24-48 hours of application and records retrieval. And, this is non-recourse lawsuit funding; should the officer lose his personal injury lawsuit, he would not be required to pay the money back. A lawsuit cash advance is often the answer to temporary financial problems caused by an accident and subsequent lawsuit. Free advice is a toll free phone call away.

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