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Two vehicle head-on collision kills two, injures child

Two people were killed and a child injured in a head-on collision when the driver of a Mercedes slammed into a Jeep. The driver of the Mercedes veered off the road, corrected its trajectory, and hit the Jeep. Both drivers and the child were rushed to the hospital. The driver of the Mercedes was seriously injured; the driver and a passenger of the Jeep did not survive. The 3-year-old was listed in good condition; she had been secured in a child safety seat.

Police are not certain what caused the driver of the Mercedes to initially swerve off the road. It could have been the result of a distraction. Initial investigations showed no signs of drug or alcohol abuse. Most likely, the families of the victims will file a wrongful death lawsuit. Losing a loved one is enormously expensive and compensation is necessary and appropriate.

Insurance companies, even in tragic situations such as this, are often willing to play waiting games with people’s lives. They may attempt to delay the proceedings for as long as possible. They may attempt to make the plaintiff desperate to settle, just to pay medical bills and funeral expenses. If after consulting an attorney, the victims decide to pursue a lawsuit, they might also wish to consider a lawsuit cash advance to help pay the mounting bills until a lawsuit settlement is reached.

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