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Two Vehicle Crash Kills One; Leaves Eight Injured

This accident happened at the junction of two highways and left one dead and eight injured. Six of the injured were children. It appears that a man was driving a van in northbound, and failed to yield the right of way, despite a posted yield sign. A woman, traveling east, hit the front end of the van causing it to flip over and land on its side. There were eight passengers in the van including 6 kids.

EMS crews took the injured to the hospital for treatment; the van driver was air lifted to another hospital, but, unfortunately, was DOA. The children, ranging in age from 7 to 13 years old had a variety of injuries that were treated in the hospital; the adults were also fortunate enough to be treated and released. The police are checking into this accident further.

Both adults may want to speak to a lawyer about this accident. While it was traumatic for the adults, it was even more so for the children. Legal counsel will be able to advise them of their rights and what may happen if they choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the deceased driver’s estate. Evidently, there was negligence involved, as the man ran a yield sign.

During the course of discussing how to handle this situation, the adults might want to also ask about the possibility of applying for legal finance. It would mean them applying for a lawsuit cash advance from a litigation funding company. This isn’t a difficult process; applicants can discover this fact for themselves by applying to see if they were eligible for a pre-settlement advance.

They can apply by phone or online. Most questions will revolve around the nature of the case and what your attorney estimates in time and compensation potential for the injuries suffered. If a client is eligible for litigation funding, it’s just a matter of time before the “lawsuit loan”, as some like to call it, is provided, by check or wire, usually within 24-48 hours after approval.

A lawsuit cash advance is a strategic move and lets the victims pay their expenses now and wait for their settlement or jury verdict later. With no up-front fees, no monthly payments and no credit check required, this may be the best solution for you and your case.

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