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Two Road Construction Workers Killed by Pick-Up on I-75 in Tennessee

A $5 million lawsuit has been filed by Brasha Bowman on December 3, 2009, in the wrongful death of Jeffrey Brian Thompson II. Ms. Bowman, the girlfriend of Mr. Thompson, filed the lawsuit against James R. Hatfield and his employer, T and T Trucking on behalf of their young daughter, Zoey.

On November 9, Mr. Thompson, 19, and a co-worker, Cheyenne Dakota Burke, 18, were tightening a barrier cable in the median of I-75, in Tennessee, when James Hatfield veered off the southbound lanes and struck them. Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene. They were employed by Lu, Inc. of Kingston Springs, TN at the time of the accident. The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Hatfield was speeding and failed to be in control of his pick-up truck. It further states that he fell asleep, was under the influence, or was texting while driving. The lawsuit also contends that Mr. Hatfield violated flashing signals and a no passing zone in the area. Mr. Hatfield was employed by T and T Trucking at the time of the accident.

Reports state that Mr. Hatfield’s truck went off the roadway, struck the two workers and knocked down numerous metal fence posts before coming to rest about 100 yards from the initial impact point, investigators said. Investigators say they are thankful for the barrier cable, which kept the truck from entering the northbound lanes. Investigators will, hopefully, reconstruct exactly how this accident happened. There were no skid marks, but there were tire marks in the median. As standard procedure, authorities gave Mr. Hatfield a blood test. They are also looking into the possibility that Hatfield suffered a medical condition. Maybe the results will tell them more about this tragic incident. Could the loss of these two young lives have been avoided?

Lawsuit Financial extends its deepest sympathies to the families of Mr. Thompson and Mr. Burke. Highway construction workers put their lives at risk on a daily basis for the safety of others. Unfortunately, incidents like this occur far too often. Driver error is one of the most common causes of auto accidents. The death of Mr. Thompson and Mr. Burke is a reminder of how dangerous our roadways can be, and the importance of driving safely and responsibly.

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