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Two Car Crash Kills Three-How Lawsuit Funding Could Maximize Recovery

The Toyota pick-up truck was northbound on Oregon 97 when for some unknown reason it crossed the center line right into the path of an oncoming commercial truck. The trucker tried to hit the shoulder or ditch to avoid the accident, but failed to make it in time. The two vehicles hit head-on in this catastrophic automobile accident.

There were no survivors in the pick-up truck; the trucker and his passenger survived, but were badly injured. The police are investigating the accident and have reached no conclusions as to why the pickup crossed the center line. There is some speculation that the pickup driver was DUI or was falling asleep at the wheel. Witnesses mention that he seemed to be constantly swerving prior to the accident. It may also be possible that he was on the cell phone, texting, drinking or was otherwise distracted. The trucker, his passenger, and the families of the deceased passengers in the pickup will, most likely, seek the advice of an experienced automobile accident attorney.

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There is no cost to apply for lawsuit financing, no hassles, no credit check, no upfront fees and no monthly payments. You get what you get and you keep it for free if you lose your case. Pre-settlement funding is a service that allows the plaintiff to get “true” justice and not come up short financially because the insurance companies are determined to minimize the claim by delaying and refusing resolution for as long as possible.