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Two Alarm Fire Kills Toddler

A fire broke out at an apartment building in Kansas City; by the time the fire department arrived, the building was fully engulfed and visible for miles. Two adults and two children were pulled out of the building suffering from smoke inhalation. The youngest child was rushed to hospital in critical condition but died while at the hospital. The adults and other child were also taken for medical treatment for serious injuries.

It appears the fire was ignited in an apartment at the north end of the building, but the cause of the fire is not yet known. There is speculation it may have been set or the result of a careless smoker. Other concerns raised were why the fire spread so fast and no one knew about it until too late. Were the smoke detectors not working? Was fire gear stored in the hallways not operable? Was the building up to fire code?

Premises liability is an issue here for the owner of the building; it may not have been safe for the residents. If there were violations of fire code regulations, or a failure to provide proper safety equipment or adequate ingress or egress, this would be negligence. The surviving victims will want to speak to a personal injury lawyer who specializes in fire and explosion cases.
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