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Twisted Bowel Costs Young Woman Her Life

This medical negligence case really makes you wonder about how good some doctors are at reading CT scans when under pressure to perform in the ER. Evidently, the doctor in this case made a very serious error and a young woman died as a result of a twisted intestine that no one diagnosed.

The young female patient went to her local hospital with severe abdominal pain, not once, but three times to have someone help her. Each time she went, she was treated by a different doctor and released. On her first trip to the Emergency Room, the doctor ordered a CT scan. The results came back as normal and she was sent home, only to return twice more in severe pain asking for help. Long story short, the professional who read the CT scan missed evidence that the patient had a twisted bowel. The condition was not diagnosed until her third trip to the ER. At that point, she was taken into surgery, but died before the surgery could be performed.

Her family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit which was finally settled for $3 million split between the six doctors named in the lawsuit. The court has yet to approve the settlement. The hospital facility settled the claim for $250,000. Unfortunately, South Carolina, where this case took place, has a medical malpractice cap of $350,000 per claimant.

While waiting for this case to be settled, the family must have faced enormous medical bills as well as being required to deal with the prospect of losing their daughter, best friend, sister and aunt. They had to move forward with their lives, but with the enormity of trying to pay for all the expenses associated with her illness and subsequent death. Litigation funding often provides an answer to their financial dilemma. In most instances, a lawsuit cash advance is made available to a qualified applicant within about 48 hours. Just one phone call will trigger the lawsuit funding process and permit the family to handle their immediate bills and expenses, while waiting for an equitable resolution of the case.

Cases like this are never easy; the family knows how hard it is to try and handle their loved one’s death. In moving forward, by handling this death by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, they help to assure that mistakes are reviewed and corrected, that adequate safety measures are implemented, and that no one else has to go through something like this in the future. Lawsuits, quite simply, are one of the strongest safety enforcement tools in our society.