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Trust a Legal Finance Industry Leader for your Lawsuit Cash Advance

Lawsuit Financial has been a leader in the legal finance industry for over 15 years. Our lawsuit funding services are available to seriously injured victims of an auto accident, medical malpractice, slip and fall, product liability, and more. The only requirements to qualify is attorney representation and a case with merit.

Insurance companies are known for deny, delay, and defend tactics, hoping that a long litigation process will force plaintiffs to accept a lower settlement than full case value. Lawsuit funding can help level the playing field and give victims “staying power” so his/her attorney can work to achieve the highest recovery possible.

At Lawsuit Financial, we understand that your financial concerns affect the health and well-being of you and your family. When you are struggling to “keep your head above water”, lawsuit funding may be your only financial support option. The first step is to complete a no cost, no obligation funding application, online or over the phone, to see if your case qualifies. Next, one of our funding representatives will contact your attorney for case documentation. Based on the information received, our team will determine funding eligibility and the risk level. If approved, funds can be wired into your account within 24 – 48 hours. The cash advance can be used to pay medical bills, make mortgage/rent payments, pay auto payments, or meet day-to-day financial obligations. There are no application fees or credit checks, and you do not need to be employed. Our lawsuit cash advances are completely risk-free. If your case loses, the advance is yours to keep and you owe us nothing!

We have reviewed thousands of cases nationwide and work hard to ensure that every funding application is carefully reviewed. If you are a personal injury victim in need of cash until your settlement is reached, apply today with Lawsuit Financial. We are one of a few legal funding companies where funding comes from our own resources. We never broker out, which means optimal privacy and confidentiality to you. Call us today to discuss funding options available for your case.

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