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Trucker Admits to Falsifying Logs Two Years after Deadly Accident

Truck accidents almost always involve big trucks against smaller passenger vehicles and almost always have serious, sometimes tragic, consequences. Commercial truck drivers who are inadequately trained in driving techniques, safety concerns, and defensive driving can be just as dangerous. It is equally dangerous to impose unrealistic schedules and expectations that encourage drivers to hurry, despite the safety risks involved.

On January 23, 2009, a truck driver slammed into an Infiniti, killing the driver. A front seat passenger in the Infiniti suffered a crushed pelvis, ribs, and vertebrae; his lung was punctured, and vision in one eye is still impaired. The truck driver pleaded guilty of vehicular homicide and the truck’s owner pleaded guilty of ordering the truck driver to drive cross country knowing the brakes were defective. Reports showed that owner repeatedly put off having the truck’s failing brakes replaced after the vehicle had been stopped and cited for safety violations in several states. Additionally, an auto service owner admitted selling the truckers inspection stickers without examining the defective vehicle.

Last week, the truck driver pleaded guilty to 15 counts of falsifying his log books to conceal that he was driving in excess of the lawful number of allowable driving hours without the required rest period. On January 2009, the night before the fatal accident, the trucker claimed he was in a sleeper berth when he was actually on the road.

The innocent driver of the Infiniti has left behind a wife and three children. His widow said the negligence of the truck driver, trucking company owner, and auto service owner denied her husband the enjoyment of their three children’s rites of passage – birthdays, Confirmation, first prom, high school graduation, and search for a college. She stated in a packed courtroom, “No sentence you could bestow upon this person could be enough.”

Trucking accidents cause thousands of catastrophic and devastating injuries and deaths each year, resulting in lawsuits which can often take an extended time to settle.
A truck driver’s lack of sleep plays an important role in these accidents, as over 30% of them are caused or contributed to by a sleep-deprived truck driver. Commercial truck drivers must certify the truthfulness and accuracy of their logbooks, which are inspected by the U.S. Department of Transportation. According to federal authorities, logbooks are examined to ensure drivers have not exceeded the 11-hour maximum allowable daily driving hours without the required 10 consecutive hours of rest or off-duty time.

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