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Truck Crashes: A Too-Common Experience on America’s Roads

There are over 500,000 truck accidents, yearly, and approximately 135,000 people suffer life-altering, serious injuries as a result; 5,000 or more will die. A truck accident, unless a victim is very lucky, will usually result in a serious injury. If you have been in truck crash and survived, the chances that you suffered catastrophic injuries (life altering harm) is very high. Truck accidents happen at all times of the day or night, in good conditions and bad. When large trucks are involved, the aftermath will, more than likely, result in a catastrophic injury, which includes paralysis, spinal cord injury, brain injury, amputations and other types of severe damage to one’s body. After all, an automobile is no match for a big rig.

When a person is seriously injured by the negligence of a trucker, he may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against that trucker and, usually, against his employer, as well. Trucking company liability might result from the negligence of its employee (called vicarious liability) and/or independent negligence for the lack of adequate training procedures, negligent supervision, statutory violations, or similar types of misconduct. So, in truck accidents, lawsuits are generally filed against the negligent trucker, his or her employer, the trucking company, perhaps the contractor that retained the trucker and his company, all of whom have substantial coverage by a commercial insurance policy.

In reality, the defendants in most cases, the one who pay the awards and settlements, are billion dollar insurance companies who take in billions in premiums, from all of us, to accept the risks of accidents that happen to only a relative few. They are raking in the dough; don’t believe the “lawsuit abuse” nonsense that they bombard the internet with. It is, at best, a smokescreen and, at worst, an outright lie. These companies are not trying to eliminate “frivolous lawsuits” with their campaign; they do not usually pay damages for “frivolous lawsuits”. The system already has mechanisms in place to dismiss frivolous cases and penalize those who bring them. Big business and big insurance (through the US Chamber of Commerce) seek to use this campaign to minimize or eliminate recoveries in serious cases with serious liability and serious injuries. They seek to marginalize plaintiffs and especially, their attorneys, with their lies. Until you have been suffered a serious injury or represented someone who has suffered a serious injury, you may not understand how offensive this approach is. Just to save a few bucks of their enormous profit, these despicable companies seek to poison public opinion against seriously injured accident victims. Don’t believe it! These companies could care less about “frivolous lawsuits”; they don’t want to have to pay any compensation to the seriously injured.

If you have been the victim of a truck accident, it is wise to speak to an attorney who specializes in litigation truck accidents. This is a sub-specialty of personal injury law; you want someone who concentrates his/her practice and truck accidents, specifically. Lawsuit Financial has relationships with attorneys all over the country and through our free, Lawsuit Financial Attorney Referral Program, we can put you together with the right attorney, in all 50 states, within 24 hours of your request.

The devastating injuries caused by a truck accident may also cause long-term financial distress. Pursuing a lawsuit may or may not result in substantial compensation, but lawsuits take a long time; compensation may be months, even years, away. How does a seriously injured accident victim support him/herself while waiting for a lawsuit too resolve? How does one prevent financial distress from causing one to settle the lawsuit for pennies on the dollar, too soon for too little, with the insurance company? The answer is, of course, lawsuit funding.

Serious injuries always cause work loss; work loss always causes financial distress. Getting full and fair compensation always takes months, even years. A lawsuit cash advance, or a series of lawsuit cash advances over the life of a personal injury lawsuit, will help the plaintiff pay his/her important bills and expenses and remove the pressure to settle for too little, too soon. Repayment of pre-settlement funding is contingent upon outcome; a victim does not have to repay until the case is settled or resolved and, if the case fails to recover anything, the victim keeps the money for free; the obligation is completely excused. A legal finance application is an easy process; the application may be completed in minutes on the phone or on the web; records are obtained directly from the attorney, and if the client is approved, he/she will have cash in hand within 24-48 hours. Clients are advised to use lawsuit financing proceeds to pay important bills and expenses; use it to pay past due mortgage, rent or car payments, put food on the table, pay excess medical expenses that enable treatment, pay tuition for retraining, something important. With the bills paid; with the financial pressure removed, listen to the professional and compassionate advice of your attorney and wait patiently for full and fair compensation.

A truck accident has changed your life forever; don’t let the insurance company get away with making a bad situation worse.