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Trench Walls Cave In Killing Two

When it comes to excavations on a job site, there are rules and regulations that say how the walls of the pit need to be properly reinforced. That is one of the unanswered questions in this case. Knowing who didn’t follow the rules will identify who was negligent. An investigation is pending.

In this Oklahoma case, two workers died when the trench they were working in fell in on top of them. The job was to dig a hole for placing a septic tank and the two men had it just about halfway done when disaster struck. The trench suddenly collapsed, literally, burying them alive.

The type of heavy equipment typically used to recover buried men in these types of emergencies was, for some reason, not available; unstable soil conditions were a major deterrent in the ensuing rescue attempt. These unfortunate men never stood a chance. While investigators do not yet know why the hole caved in, they suspect the soil condition played a large part in this disaster.

Why wasn’t the hole braced? Where was the trench wall? Why were the men working in unsafe conditions? Who ordered them to work in these unsafe conditions? All these questions will need to be answered.

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